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Elation’s Power Spot 575 – 2003 LDI

Published Nov 23, 2003

Elation Professional has cranked up the wattage on its Power Spot 250 with the new Power Spot 575, a much more powerful, 575-watt version of this popular intelligent moving head fixture. Like the 250, the Power Spot 575 is a versatile DMX-programmable 2-in-1 effect that combines a moving head spot with a 4.9mW red laser.

But because it emits a brilliant 575-watt output, the Power Spot 575 is luminous enough to handle extremely large venues. Amazingly, the Power Spot 575 is also extremely compact and portable – in fact, it’s no bigger in size than a 250-watt fixture!

With this breakthrough design of ultra-powerful wattage in a super-compact package, the Power Spot 575 is ideally suited for the rental market. Its 575 watts are bright enough for large theatrical productions and arena use, but the unit is small enough to be easily transported from show to show.

“The Power Spot 575 is the only moving head fixture of its kind to offer 575-watt output in the size of a 250-watt unit,” said John Lopez, sales manager for Elation Professional. “This uniquely-designed fixture will open all kinds of profit opportunities for rental houses.

“The Power Spot 575 also offers a new level of convenience to theatrical producers, stage designers and other end-users,” added Lopez. “It provides them with a whopping 575 watts of output and the big-time effects they need, yet it’s easy to move around, position and work with, because of its small size and light weight.”

Capable of generating a wide range of eye-popping geometric patterns, the Power Spot 575 comes with a total of 16 gobos (7 rotating and 9 static) on two wheels. Included are 4 lithos and 12 metal gobos, sized at 26.9 mm diameter with a 23 mm viewing area. All of the gobos are interchangeable, which gives the Power Spot great versatility. A new quick-change technology makes it extremely easy to change gobos.

A separate color wheel provides 10 dichroic color filters plus white and UV, which further add to the Power Spot 575’s versatility. An entire spectrum of colors can be integrated and blended to create stunning visuals by simply overlaying the multi-color dichroic gobo on the color wheel.

A Remote Focus feature allows all gobo images to remain in focus, even as the moving head projects an image onto different surfaces at various distances covering a large area. The unit projects at a 15-degree beam angle, which provides an optimal balance between size and brightness.

The Power Spot 575 also includes a variable-speed strobe effect that can be set to flash from one to 10 times per second. Another exciting effect is a three-facet prism that rotates at different speeds. A macro-function feature allows the creation of various spinning prism–gobo combinations.

“Today’s lighting users want fixtures that can perform a wider range of functions,” Lopez said. “The Power Spot 575 fits the bill, because it smartly combines two effects in one unit. In addition to functioning as a spot effect with rotating colors and gobos, it can fill any room with the red-hot excitement of laser beams. And it offers the same compact portability as Elation’s Power Spot 250.”

Featuring 16 DMX channels (16 bit resolution), the Power Spot 575 includes a blue four-digit LED display for addressing, function settings and calibration. A 575-watt discharge lamp is included.

Compact and lightweight, the Power Spot 575 measures 27” x 12” x 10”, and weighs 52 lbs. The suggested retail price of the Power Spot 575 is $2,999.95.

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