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Elation’s New DMX Duo Recorder/Controller

Published Jun 24, 2005
Elation’s New DMX Duo Recorder/Controller-Body-6

If you’re a DJ, LJ or club lighting installer who uses both intelligent lights and sound-active effects in your light show, you know it can take some fancy “sleight-of-hand” to operate all the various switches on your many controllers. But now, thanks to Elation Control Systems, you don’t have to be a magician to create a light show that includes both DMX and sound-active effects.

total solution to controlling their DMX lights and sound-active effects, all in one lightweight, easy-to-carry unit

Elation has introduced the DMX Duo, a revolutionary two-in-one DMX recorder/controller that can handle intelligent lights and sound-active effects simultaneously – all from one and the same board. Featuring 96 channels for DMX lights and 8 channels for effects, the DMX Duo provides the ease and convenience of being able to run your entire light show from a single control station.

A compact single-space rack-mount unit, the DMX Duo can provide this dual control because it has two separate DMX outputs. One of these outputs is for moving intelligent lights, and the other is for sound-active effects.

Elation’s New DMX Duo Recorder/Controller-Body-5

To use sound-active effects with the DMX Duo, you simply run these fixtures through a DMX powerpack, such as Elation Control Systems’ DP-415 or PP-DMX20L, and into the controller’s FX output. With the DMX Duo, you can control on/off function for up to eight sound-active effects. Additionally, you can control the intervals at which sound-active effects are run, because the DMX Duo includes a handy FX Timer. You can select any or all of the eight non-DMX effects and, at the touch of a button, have them sequence between a 1, 3, 5 or 10-minute interval.

Elation’s New DMX Duo Recorder/Controller-Body-4

On the “intelligent lighting side,” the DMX Duo works as a DMX recorder/playback unit, accepting input from any standard DMX controller. Lightweight and portable, the DMX Duo eliminates the need to haul around a heavy DMX board to control intelligent lights. Simply enter programmed information from your DMX controller into the compact DMX Duo, and it will play back your intelligent lighting chases and shows – anytime, anywhere.

Elation’s New DMX Duo Recorder/Controller-Body-3

The DMX Duo can handle up to 8 chases of 99 steps each, and 2 shows of 99 steps each. One of the recorder/controller’s unique features is that it allows you to add separate Hold and Fade times for each show step. It offers Mix or Sequence Playback for chases and shows.

Elation’s New DMX Duo Recorder/Controller-Body-2

With the versatile DMX Duo, you can also add fog effects to your show. The unit includes a Fog Machine Trigger Button, which is compatible with selected American DJ fog machine models, including the Vaporizer, MB-1000, Stallion, Vapor-Flow, Fog Storm 1200 and Fog Storm 1700.

“The DMX Duo is great for mobile DJs, because it provides a total solution to controlling their DMX lights and sound-active effects, all in one lightweight, easy-to-carry unit,” said John Lopez, national sales manager for Elation Control Systems. “It’s also ideal for smaller clubs and pubs, putting control of their entire light show right at their fingertips.”

Elation’s New DMX Duo Recorder/Controller-Body

Other features on the DMX Duo include: a programmable Strobe Button, Audio Trigger, Manual Trigger and separate Speed and Fade Control. The controller also has a USB gooseneck light input, which will work with any universal USB light, such as the Elation USB Lite (sold separately).

Designed for easy portability, the DMX Duo weighs just 2 lbs., measures 3”L x 19”W x 1.75”H, and takes up one rack space. Another “small” feature of the DMX Duo is its price tag – an affordable $219.95 MSRP.

For more information, contact Elation Control Systems at 323-582-3322. Fax: 323-582-3108. Address: 4295 Charter St., Los Angeles, CA 90058. Web:

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