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Elation's Light CoPilot III Analog Chase Control System

Published Aug 16, 2005

DJs and clubs can make their light shows "take flight" with the Light CoPilot III, a new analog chase control system from Elation Control Systems. A complete package for controlling multiple sound-active effects, the Light CoPilot III features Elation's popular 16-channel Light CoPilot II analog chase controller, plus two 4-channel LC-4SP power packs and two 25-foot connector cables.

With two power packs included in the system - as opposed to one 8-channel pack - the Light CoPilot III gives DJs and clubs more options for configuring their lights. For example, they can string four fixtures in two different areas of a club, rather than having to rig all their lights on one truss or T-bar. Plus, users will have fewer messy extension cords and wires to hassle with.

"The Light CoPilot III's extra power pack really expands what you can do with your light show," said John Lopez, national sales manager for Elation Control Systems. "It gives you an easy way to position your lights in two different zones. This lets you cover a bigger area of the club or dance floor, chase from different angles, and create a more exciting visual presentation."

The controller that comes with the system, the Light CoPilot II, is ideally suited for commanding lights in multiple zones. Its 16 channels are divided into four 4-channel zones on the control panel (the system can actually be expanded to as many as four LS-4SP power packs). Each zone can be set separately in one of three operating modes - sound-active, standard, or timed chase (fast chase to 10 minute intervals) - to create varying patterns in different sections of the club. For added variety, users have the option of turning a specified light on, while keeping the rest of the lights moving in the selected chase sequence.

The Light CoPilot II controller comes with 16 exciting built-in chase programs. Extremely easy to operate, it also features a convenient Fog Machine Trigger Button (compatible with specified American DJ fog machines), eliminating the need to haul around a separate fogger remote. Other features of the Light CoPilot II controller include: a USB gooseneck light input, internal microphone or line input for music control, audio sensitivity knob, flash button override, and blackout.

The LC-4SP power packs, which are proprietary to Elation's Light CoPilot controllers, are also loaded with quality features. The packs utilize triacs rather than mechanical relays for faster, more reliable chase functions and a longer life. Each pack is equipped with 9-pin In and Out connectors for daisy-chaining to other LC-4SP packs, providing easy system expandability.

DJs and clubs won't have to go chasing around for a good value in a lighting controller, either. The entire Light CoPilot III system is priced at just $299.95 suggested retail, including the Light CoPilot II controller, two LC-4SP power packs (15A per pack), and two LC-EX25 connector cables.

For more information, contact Elation Control Systems at 323-582-3322. Fax: 323-582-3108. Address: 4295 Charter St., Los Angeles, CA 90058. Web: www.elationlighting.com Email: info@elationlighting.com

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