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Elation Unveils New Accessories For Image Pro 300

Published Dec 15, 2005

It just got easier for emcees, DJs and clubs to “change their image.” Elation Professional has come out with a collection of exciting new accessories for its popular Image Pro 300 professional gobo projector that allow you to add more variety to your images -- to suit the mood of any occasion.

The optional add-on accessories can easily be attached to the Image Pro 300 to make its projected images do different things, such as spin, pan, multiply and morph. Some of the accessory items make it possible to use different types of media with the Image Pro 300, such as 35mm slides and gobos of varying sizes.

In all, Elation has introduced five new accessories for use with the Image Pro 300: a Rotating Barrel effect (IP-RB), Rotating Prism (IP-RP), Rotating Mirror (IP-RM), 8-Gobo Wheel with Timer (IP-RGW), and Rotating 35 mm Slide Projector with Timer (IP-F3-R). These items join two accessories that were previously available as add-on options for the Image Pro 300: a Rotating Gobo Holder (IP-2) and a Panning Mirror (IP-3).

The new accessories give DJs and emcees more creative flexibility in manipulating their images to create just the right effects for any event. For example, the addition of the IP-RB Rotating Barrel will instantly produce six multiples of an image along walls, ceilings, floors, and walkways– a great effect for projecting the name of a couple or guest of honor at a wedding or other celebration.

The IP-RP Rotating Prism will give an image an “exploding” effect by making it appear to jump out at the crowd and then retreat back to the light source. It’s perfect for generating excitement at a rally or presentation, when used with the name of an organization or award winner.

With the IP-RM Rotating Mirror, you can set an image rotating in a spiral motion over an area that’s adjustable from small (5’x 5’) to large (20’x20’). The IP-RGW Gobo Wheel holds up to 8 replaceable gobos, which can be set to rotate at intervals of 3 minutes, 5 minutes or 24 minutes. Last but not least, the IP-F3-R Rotating Slide Projector lets you use 35mm slides with the Image Pro 300, and includes a Timer that allows you to change them from one to the next at adjustable one-minute intervals.

In addition to the five new accessories, two other items, the IP-3 Panning Mirror and IP-2 Rotating Gobo Holder, are available as optional add-ons for the Image Pro 300. The IP-2 can hold metal and glass gobos with a viewing image of 35.5 mm in three different-size outside diameters: 51.8mm (rotating), 66mm (rotating), and 66mm (static).

“With so many accessories to choose from, you can add a lot of exciting effects to your images and do so much more with the Image Pro 300,” said John Lopez, national sales manager for Elation Professional. “The accessories turn the Image Pro 300 into the ultimate tool for creating images, for any purpose -- from a wedding, to a corporate event to a theme party. They add a lot of value to the Image Pro 300 by making it much more versatile than the typical gobo projector.”

Further enhancing this value is the fact that all of the accessories are economically priced. The IP-RB Rotating Prism has an MSRP of just $119.95. The MSRPs of the IP-RM Rotating Mirror, IP-RB Rotating Barrel, IP-RGW 8-Gobo Wheel, and IP-F3-R Slide Projector are $159.95 each. The previously-available IP-2 Gobo Holder and IP-3 Panning Mirror have MSRPs of $149.95 each.

The accessories are sold individually so that users can purchase only the ones they need at any given time. “If you own an Image Pro 300, you can ‘grow into’ all the available options at your own pace and budget,” said Lopez.

The Image Pro 300 itself delivers outstanding value. A high output gobo projector, it features an excellent optical system with a twin lens condenser and spherical mirror and a 32° beam angle. It comes with a static gobo holder and 6 gobos. The MSRP of the Image Pro 300 is $799.95.

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