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Elation Rolls Out Antari M-5 Fogger

Published Aug 9, 2007

The new Antari M-5 Fogger from Elation Professional is a versatile 1,500-watt stage fogger that’s ready to hit the road. Designed specifically for stage and touring use, the M-5 Fogger combines heavy-duty, rugged durability with a high-capacity tank and a stage-friendly case design, all in a portable unit that’s quick and easy to set up.

Featuring a unique low-profile level rectangular case, the M-5 Fogger is designed to lay flat on a stage floor securely and unobtrusively. Two oversized handles allow for easy mobility and positioning, making it a cinch to transport the unit from venue to venue.

Another feature enhancing the M-5’s stellar onstage performance is its super-high-capacity 10-liter tank. When filled with Elation’s X-Fog Pro Premium Fog Fluid, the fog will roll out for hours, without having to interrupt the show for refills.

Ready to roll in just eight minutes, the M-5’s 1,500 Watt heater can produce a colossal 20,000 cubic feet of fog per minute, enough to handle even very large productions. The fog is high-quality, too, thanks to Antari’s ECO thermal control system and patented Unicore heater technology. This system utilizes a highly sensitive electronic thermostat, which can detect even the slightest drop in temperature. The heater will then re-start automatically to maintain a thin, consistent fog output, rather than shooting out thick black clouds, which would result if the temperature dropped too low and the heat came blasting out all at once.

An electronic Thermal Cut-Off (TCO) feature automatically shuts down the pump when the fog fluid level runs low. This valuable feature protects the machine from potential damage caused by running on empty.

Though it’s no lightweight when it comes to churning out the fog, the M-5 weighs in at a surprisingly portable 33 lbs. Onboard DMX-512 allows the M-5 to be controlled along with other intelligent fixtures, to produce a perfectly synchronized show.

Manufactured in Taiwan with Antari’s 20-year track record of making world-class atmospheric effect machines, the M-5 features superior quality components, including Italian-made piston pumps for reliability and durability, and cast aluminum heater blocks, which hold heat better than the standard aluminum blocks found in most fog machines.

“With the M-5, Antari has created a truly one of-a-kind fogger designed uniquely for staging and touring,” said Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional, the exclusive North American distributor of Antari products. “Now bands, stage shows and touring productions can have all the incredible features of Antari’s top-notch fog machines in a unit that’s easy to take on the road.”

A timer remote control is included with the M-5. Available optional accessories (sold separately) include a wireless remote and a heavy-duty flight case. Measuring 26”L x 12.5”W x 6.7”H, the Antari M-5 fog machine has a suggested retail price of $799.95.

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