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Elation Raises The Power Bar With Action-Packed 575-Watt Xcelon 575

Published Jan 16, 2006

Elation Professional is unleashing a mighty 575 watts of illuminative power on clubs and entertainment venues with its new Xcelon 575 effect. A high-action DMX projector with 2 gobo wheels (rotating and static), 3 rotating prisms, multi color combos and tons of other effects, the Xcelon 575 is driven by a 575-watt Philips lamp, giving it a much more powerful output than the typical club fixture.

With its brawn and brilliance, the 10-DMX-channel Xcelon 575 can light up even the largest clubs, dance floors and establishments. This high-octane effect can shoot dazzling colors and patterns directly into the crowd from great distances with amazing clarity and brightness.

“No one has ventured into making an action-packed special effect with such a huge, powerful lamp,” said John Lopez, national sales manager for Elation Professional. “In the past, to get a 575-watt club light that’s loaded with so many features, you would probably have to go to a moving head, which can be very costly.

“The Xcelon 575 delivers this ultra-bright output – plus a gigantic array of effects -- at a much more economical price. You could buy four Xcelon 575 units for the price you’d expect to pay for one moving head this size.”

Along with its huge lamp, the Xcelon 575 is huge on visual excitement, packed with color combinations, rotating gobos and special effects. It has a total of 13 interchangeable, indexable gobos (10 metal and 3 glass) on 2 wheels. Six of the gobos are rotating, and gobos from the 2 wheels can be overlain.

A separate color wheel contains 4 dichroic filters and an open slot, and also provides the ability to create exciting split, quad and shared color combinations. Even more color combos are possible by overlaying the multi-color dichroic gobo and the colors on the color wheel. A rainbow effect can also be created, since the Xcelon 575 offers continuous variable color scrolling in both directions.

The images produced by the Xcelon 575 can be multiplied, thanks to the unit’s prism effects. The Xcelon 575 has not one, but three prisms – a 3-facet, 5-facet and 9-facet. These allow you to multiply your images by 3, 5 or 9 to create even more stunning visual effects. The unit features a macro-function for creating rotating gobo/rotating prism combinations.

“We wanted to create a lighting effect that would give users a lot more color combinations, rotating gobos, prismatic effects and other features that go beyond the typical special effect,” said Lopez. “The Xcelon 575 provides a lot of flash for the cash.”

Other features on the Xcelon 575 include: a variable speed strobe effect (1-10 flashes per second; pre-set variable/random strobe and dimming pulse effect; motor driven remote focusing (near to far); Dual Flag mechanical dimming system; high-output luminous-parabolic dichroic reflector; anti-reflection coated lenses; and 19° beam angle.

The 10-channel Xcelon 575 can be operated with any standard DMX controller or as a stand-alone effect in sound active mode. It includes Elation’s exclusive Remote DMX addressing feature (RDMX), which lets you set DMX values remotely from the convenience of your DMX controller.

The Xcelon 575 comes with a Philips MSR 575/2 575-watt, 1000-hour lamp. It measures 15”L x 11”W x 18” H, and weighs 61.5 lbs.

The suggested retail price of the Xcelon 575 is $1,999.95.

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