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Elation Introduces Three Antari Z-Series Fog Generators

Published Mar 8, 2005

Antari, world-renowned for its top-quality fog machines, has developed a versatile mid-level series that offers something for everyone. Called the Z Series, the new line makes Antari’s exclusive technology and high-tech features accessible to professional lighting directors, club lighting installers and professional DJs with aspirations of creating extremely foggy conditions.


Now, Elation Professional, the exclusive North American distributor of Antari products, has introduced three upper-end models within the Z Series: Z-1200, Z-1500 and Z-3000.


Like all Antari products, these new fog machines sport exceptional features—such as onboard DMX control, timer and wireless remotes, innovative thermal control and massive fog output—that suit a wide range of fun and practical applications. All three units also offer lightning-fast re-cycle periods of 35–40 seconds, making them especially appealing for a large cross-section of professional fog-machine users.


Here is a closer look at the three units:


Z-1200 -- The Z-1200 Pro Fog Generator opens the door to an entirely new level of control over your fog effects. Designed for very professional DJs and clubs, the Z-1200 features a 1,250-watt heater and comes equipped with Antari’s ECO thermal control—a patented new technology that allows stable output and reduces warm-up times, all while increasing fog volume and duration. Within only 10 minutes of switching on, the Z-1200 generates a continuous flow of 18,000 cubic feet of fog per minute. And with a tank capacity of 2.5 liters and no long duty cycle, it can run steadily through the night without interruption.


In addition, the Z-1200 is armed with onboard DMX control. This means it can be connected to any DMX-512 standard controller to work in concert with other lighting equipment and effects for a synchronized, mesmerizing lightshow. A Z-8 timer remote control is included with the Z-1200, and a Z-9 wireless remote comes optional.


“Clubs and big-time DJs who need more fog and more control have true cause to celebrate the arrival of the Z-1200,” said Joey Corral, Antari sales manager for Elation Professional. “When our customers learn about the Z-1200’s ECO thermal control, DMX compatibility and other ingenious features like its ability to fully re-cycle in under one minute, they’ll fall head-over-heels in love with it.”


Z-1500 -- The Z-1500 Pro Fog Generator is designed for large clubs, theaters and concert halls where there’s a need for massive fog combined with total control. Slightly larger than the Z-1200, this machine features a Z-2 remote control with an easy-to-read, multi-functional LCD screen that allows the user to closely control the duration, interval and volume of fog produced. The remote’s backlit LCD screen clearly displays each parameter in seconds and percentages for easy and accurate programming. When operating in DMX mode, the Z-2 can also be used to select the Z-1500’s onboard DMX channels from just about anywhere in the room.


With a 1,500-watt heater and a warm-up time of only 11 minutes, the Z-1500 cranks out 20,000 cubic feet of smoke per minute. The unit consumes fog fluid at a rate of 28 minutes per liter, so one fill-up of its 6-liter tank can last for nearly three hours while running at full steam. As the night unfolds, the Z-1500’s Unicore technology and ECO II advanced thermal control system ensure that the unit consistently performs at maximum efficiency.


Z-3000 -- The Z-3000 boasts all of the same great features as the Z-1500 but adds a 3,000-watt heater to double the maximum fog output. Blasting 40,000 cubic feet of fog per minute after a warm-up time of only 11 minutes, the Z-3000 is the workhorse of the Z Series and is suitable for any club, concert hall or theater. It expends fog juice at a rate of 14 minutes per liter, and its fluid tank holds up to 6 liters.


Like the Z-1500, the Z-3000 incorporates a Z-2 remote control with multi-function LCD screen to give users full command over all parameters of fog production. Indeed, it combines all of the advanced innovations of the entire Z Series—including all-aluminum heater blocks and a distinctive silver case design—into one extremely high-output machine for the lighting or club installation professional.


“Both the Z-1500 and Z-3000 can instantly provide huge amounts of continuous, uninterrupted fog whenever required,” Corral said. “Once our customers put these babies into action, they’ll be sounding the fog horn for miles around.”


The Z-1200 Pro Fog Generator carries a suggested retail price of $419.99. The unit measures 440mm long by 250mm wide by 178mm high and weighs only 11.1kg.


Antari’s Z-1500 Pro Fog Generator retails for $649.99. It weighs 14kg

and measures 640mm long by 298mm wide by 190mm high.


The flagship Z-3000 Pro Fog Generator has a suggested retail price of $1,149.99. Weighing only 18.5kg, it measures 665mm long by 303mm wide and stands 207mm tall.

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