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Elation Introduces New Show Designer 2CF

Published May 9, 2005

Elation Control Systems has sharpened the memory of its Show Designer lighting controllers with the introduction of the newest member of the series -- Show Designer 2CF, which features a built-in compact flash drive. Faster and more reliable than a disk, the compact flash drive lets users store the controller’s entire memory on one 64MB compact flash card.


Offering control over 1,024 DMX channels, as opposed to the standard 512 channels, the Show Designer 2CF has two universe outputs that can be “split” to run entirely different lighting presentations in two separate rooms or areas. Great for concerts, stage productions and clubs, it commands up to 48 fixtures (up to 32 channels each) with 1,152 programmable chases, 4,752 programmable scenes, 1,152 programmable shows and 1,152 programmable presets.


“One major advantage of the Show Designer 2CF’s built-in compact flash drive is that it’s more dependable and capable of storing a lot more memory,” said John Lopez, sales manager for Elation Professional. “Designed for large clubs, rentals, production companies, corporate events and even fashion shows, the Show Designer 2CF is perfect for professional lighting users who want to quickly save or back-up the sophisticated light shows they create.”


Like all the controllers in Elation’s Show Designer family, the Show Designer 2CF can operate a wide range of DMX-compatible lighting products. It comes pre-programmed with a large library of fixture settings from many different manufacturers. There are also fixture profiles available for download off the Elation Lighting website ( which offer more detailed channel information than what is available in the standard library. i.e. - color labels, gobo labels, macro labels, etc...


What’s more, Show Designer 2CF users never have to worry about their controllers becoming outdated or obsolete, since Elation provides continuous software updates that are easily downloadable via the internet. For example, one recent update featured a handy new “Pile On” mode for multiple scene playback.


The Show Designer 2CF’s compact flash drive can accept input from any PS2 compatible computer keyboard, allowing users to type in names for scenes, chases and shows and resulting in better overall organization for professional lighting presentations.


With a suggested retail price of only $2,799.95, the Show Designer 2CF makes lighting control and show design more versatile and affordable than ever before. The controller is designed for regular tabletop-style use but also includes removable rubber rails that transform the unit into a six-space, 19-inch rack mount.


The Show Designer 2CF offers many other advanced features, including an 80-character backlit LCD display for easy programming, a convenient pan/tilt joystick, 48 multi-function quick-access buttons, eight faders for scene master playbacks, scene preview with “Go” feature, RS-232 port for PC interfacing, RCA audio input for chases, and four encoder wheels for navigating through the menu options and accessing fixture attributes. Also included on the controller is an effects engine with 48 factory-installed chases, as well as factory-ready color, gobo and focus presets.


While the Show Designer 2CF’s compact flash drive is compatible with most standard compact flash cards, Elation recommends 64MB San Disk or 64MB Cannon compact flash cards for optimal results.


The Show Designer 2CF measures 19"L x 10.5"W x 4"H and weighs just 10 lbs. The suggested retail price of the Show Designer 2CF is $2,799.95.

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