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Elation Control Systems Joy-ride!

Published Mar 3, 2005

When Elation Control Systems (ECS) unveiled the DMX Operator, the unit was hailed as an affordable solution to DMX lighting control for clubs, DJs and entertainers. Now ECS is following the success of this groundbreaking intelligent controller with the introduction of a new, upgraded model, the DMX Operator 192.


Like its popular predecessor, the DMX Operator 192 is a very affordable 192-channel controller that can operate up to 12 intelligent fixtures, with as many as 16 DMX channels each. But the DMX Operator 192 also goes well beyond the original in offering some beefed-up, value-added features that make running a multi-fixture intelligent light show easier than ever – all for a suggested retail price that’s just $30 higher than the previous model!


One of the new upgrades is a joystick for controlling pan and tilt. Users can assign any one of the 12 fixtures to the joystick -- and enjoy smooth, easy, precision control of its movements at the flick of the stick. Rather not use a joystick? No problem -- the DMX Operator 192 also features an encoder wheel that can be used as an option to the stick.


Another new feature on the DMX Operator 192 is USB input, which allows users to plug in an optional USB Lite or USB Memory Stick (neither accessory is included with the unit). Users can illuminate their work area with a USB light, or they can back up their shows on a memory stick for instant recall, without having to re-set their fixtures for each performance – a great timesaving feature for busy pros.


Yet another of the DMX Operator 192’s brand-new conveniences is a Fog Machine Trigger Button that’s compatible with selected American DJ foggers. With this handy feature, users can integrate fog effects into their light show from a single control unit.


The DMX Operator 192 has also been given a new case design that incorporates a layer of molded plastic around its perimeters. This smoothes out the unit’s “rough edges,” making it more user-friendly to transport and handle.


“The original DMX Operator was very successful, because it brought affordable DMX lighting control to DJs, entertainers and clubs everywhere,” said John Lopez, national sales manager for ECS. “Now with the new DMX Operator 192, we have listened to the market and added many new features that will make creating and controlling a light show even easier – including a joystick, USB input, fog triggering and more. Priced at just $30 over the original unit, the DMX Operator 192 is a more incredible value than ever.”


The DMX Operator is equipped with 8 control faders and can record up to 12 programmable chases with fade time and speed. It can handle a total of 240 programmable scenes via 30 programmable scene banks.


Other features include: a Blackout Button; Tap Sync button for chase speed override; built-in microphone for sound trigger; line level RCA audio input for music trigger; and MIDI input for scene, chase or blackout trigger. The DMX Operator 192 also comes equipped with an LCD display, DMX polarity switch, and power failure memory.


The suggested retail price of the DMX Operator 192 is $329.95.

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