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Elation Adds New On/Off Switch Feature To DP-DMX20L Dimmer Pack

Published Dec 19, 2005

Multi-tasking makes anything more efficient -- even controlling stage and club lighting. That’s why Elation Control Systems has added a new on/off effects switch to its DP-DMX20L universal dimmer pack, and transformed it into a multi-tasking “hybrid” pack.

With this new feature, the popular 4-channel DP-DMX20L is capable of not only dimming par cans, but also of turning fog machines and other special effects on and off. This allows DJs and lighting directors to operate all of their fixtures from one control unit, as opposed to having to use both a dimmer pack and power pack.

“There’s a demand today for hybrid control units that can perform more than one function,” said John Lopez, national sales manager for Elation Control Systems. “With its new on/off switch function, the DP-DMX20L gives users this type of multi-functionality.

“For example, clubs and DJs can hook up a small fog machine or sound-activated effect to one of the DP-DMX20L’s channels and turn it on and off through the pack. At the same time, they can use the other channels to dim their conventional par lamps.”

Users have the ability to individually assign any or all of the DP-DMX20L’s 4 channels to either dim for linear control or switch for on/off control. For example, they can set 2 channels to dim and 2 channels to switch. This assignable function makes the DP-DMX20L extremely versatile, allowing it to be adapted to different lighting needs.

“Because the DP-DMX20L is now so versatile, you don’t have to buy a separate switch pack to run your traditional dance to sound effect. It’s like having a dimmer and our PP-DMX20L power pack all in one,” noted Lopez. “The new feature really adds a lot of value for the average DJ, who may be on a limited budget and not want to shell out the cash for two packs.”

Yet despite its added switch feature, the DP-DMX20L has not increased in price. It still sells for its original low suggested retail of $229.95, making it a truly outstanding value for anyone looking to get the most for their lighting control dollar.

The DP-DMX20L includes a built-in 4-channel chaser. It operates on 1000 watts per channel, with a total of 2000 watts or 20 amps on at a time.

Compact and lightweight, the DP-DMX20L is ideal for mobile applications. It measures 10.25”Lx 8.25”W x 3”H, and weighs 6 lbs.

The suggested retail price of the DP-DMX20L is $229.95

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