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Published Feb 8, 2011

CHAUVET®, a leading manufacturer of LED lighting, announces two new, LED effect lights that are perfect for bands and mobile DJs: Sweeper™ LED and  6SPOT™. Both feature six 3W, tri-colored LEDs and can be used together, working in master/slave mode, for larger, coordinated shows. They both have sound-activated and built-in automated programs and up to 20 units can be power linked to save on setup time. Additionally, as with almost any CHAUVET® fixtures, they have Edison power linking which make them very compatible and easy to use with other fixtures.

Sweeper™ LED has six pods of tri-colored LEDs contained in a single casing which sweep fat, crisp, round beams of color across the floor. Each pod can be individually controlled for amazing color chases, sequences and effect combinations. Another stand out feature can be achieved in master/slave mode. The master and slaved units can run as mirror images of each other, allowing you to make complex looking shows and effects with just the touch of a button. In other words, you can run pod six to pod one, then pod one to pod six and invert your show automatically. Sweep the crowd, floor, stage or room with one easy-to-use, compact, multi-beam effect light.

6SPOT™ has six low-profile spot lights—less than four inches long—which allow the fixture to fit almost anywhere. These six heads are individually controllable and positionable and each contains a high-power, tri-color LED to create seven popular colors. This color-changer system can be controlled via DMX or by running automatic or sound-activated programs. It can be setup or taken down in minutes, mounting easily to the popular 4BAR™ system or any universal tripod, and saves space at your gig. It can give total room or stage coverage and comes with its own travel bag.

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