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DJ Skirts introduces Glow Skirts

Published Feb 12, 2009
DJ Skirts G Valance

DJ Skirts introduces Glow Skirts - a new line of products that will surely boost any DJ’s “pro-status” to a whole new level. These elegant, white versions of DJ Skirts traditional black products are designed to work with today’s new “up-lighting” LED technology. The lively LED lights flash to the beat of the music, creating an exhilarating, energetic show. When the room lights go down, and the dancing music begins, the special combination of two different fabrics sewn together are enhanced by the LED lighting effects. Glow Skirts genuinely adds a new dimension and “WOW factor” that was not previously available in the DJ/Pro Sound and Lighting marketplace. 

Glow Skirts products are made by DJ Skirts using Chauvet brand LED’s, much like a Mazda made with a Ford engine. Lighting is a component of the product, and therefore is sold as part of the overall package. However, Glow Skirts can also be purchased separately at a lower price, without the lighting effects included. The Chauvet LED models included will vary, depending on which Glow Skirts product or size is purchased. Glow Skirts is available in Box Truss Sleeve, Curtain Rod System, Mobile ProBooth, Table Jacket, Tripod Skirts, and Valance Rod System. Detailed info can be found at along with 30-second video clips displaying these products.

DJ Skirts GTriPod Skirt

Made in the USA, DJ Skirts has a reputation and history of making every effort to provide high quality, long-lasting products. It’s not uncommon to hear customers talk about using products they purchased nearly 10 years ago. It is important to note that all DJ Skirts fabrics are fire retardant, pass the NFPA 701 fire code test, and will be safe in any venue that may require this by law.

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