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Colorbank Led Wash System

Published Jun 13, 2006

COLORbank LED is the first LED-fitted striplighting fixture to join CHAUVET’s best-selling Color BankTM line of wash lights. Unlike its three-halogen predecessors, this wash light is fitted with a total of 304 long life diodes housed in four pods and offers full RGB mixing capability. It is also DMX-512 programmable and produces a more concentrated, richly colored flood, making it ideal for runway lighting effects. Like other Color Banks, it is highly portable and effectively washes walls, scenic painted drops as well as dance floors and stages.

The diodes offer the advantage of low power consumption and heat emission. Multiple units can be daisy-chained for runway lighting over a long distance. You can trigger built in color change programs as well as activate chase and fade functions through a long row of connected units via DMX and in master/slave mode. All functions, including full RGB mixing, can be also performed on stand-alone. Units are simply attached with a bracket that is included. www.chauvetlighting.com

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