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Colorado Sound & Lighting SmartPak Arrives

Published Jan 17, 2009
Colorado Sound & Lighting SmartPak

Colorado Sound & Lighting, maker and inventors of specialty lighting and audio products designed especially for DJs announced today their new remote light pack. The SmartPak can handle a 10 Amp total wattage load or 1200 watts over its four channel layout. All controlled via a handheld remote fob.

To prevent interference the SmartPak channel board uses an auto roll algorithm which makes it almost impossible for the transmitter code to be duplicated by other wireless devices, thus all but eliminating “miss-fires”.

Each SmartPak receiver can support up to 6 transmitters.


* Range is up to 250 feet

* Transmits on 433.9 MHz

* Each channel is jumper selectable for latching or momentary modes.

* Channel Contact Ratings: 120VAC@15A

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Colorado Sound & Lighting SmartPak Truss Mounted

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