Sep 28, 2023

Chroma Q Color Charge Battery Powered LED Fixture

Published Sep 22, 2010

The Color Charge LED fixture is a 600 lumen, battery powered, wireless DMX fixture which is ideal for any indoor temporary lighting application where wiring is a challenge or where install speed is critical, transforming a venue in minutes.


  • Battery powered LED fixture - no need for mains power.
  • Long battery life - NiMH battery lasts up to 30 hours.
  • Long product life - up to 1,000 battery recharges.
  • Wireless control and syncing between units - no cables.
  • Theatrical grade dimming.
  • 600 lumen output – extremely bright for a battery powered fixture.
  • RGBA - improved colour rendition and a wider colour range.
  • High CRI of 92.
  • Future proof - interchangeable head.
  • Green design

Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery

The Color Charge fixture’s environmentally friendly design includes a recyclable long life battery cell and an interchangeable LED head for upgrading in the future. The highly efficient nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) power cell delivers up to 30 hours usage from a single charge and provides up to 1,000 charges; approximately double the life of lead-acid batteries. The fixture also features a built-in mains charger that enables it to continue to be used whilst charging, and a gas gauge showing the percentage and hours usage remaining.


The Color Charge features wireless DMX control and synching between units, allowing connection of up to 512 fixtures on a single network. With a wireless range of 150m in a crowded room and 250m with a clear line of site, the Color Charge is ideal for large indoor spaces. Also, the unit’s wireless aerial folds away discreetly for convenient transportation.


The plug and play fixture also features synchronised effects between units, slave modes allowing simple opposite a/b colour effects and a built-in stand-alone playback mode.

Color Charge

High Quality Light

Part of the new generation of Chroma-Q LED lighting models, the Color Charge utilises unique colour mixing and control management technologies providing a high quality light output.

The Chroma-Q RGBA engine has been developed to deliver an incredible CRI of 92, for true colour balance across the spectrum and accurate tungsten white light emulation. The fixture utilises unique ColorSure™ technology for enhanced colour consistency across fixtures.

The Color Charge is extremely bright for a battery powered fixture, producing 600 lumens output. The unit also features smooth, theatrical grade dimming, making it suitable for a wide range of temporary entertainment and architectural lighting applications.


Featuring a quick focus click mechanism providing stepped beam angles, the remote head can be quickly and easily positioned. For discreet usage, the unit features a black body and optional Half Hat Snoot to hide the lens source from view.

The Color Charge can be floor mounted or hung from truss via ½" nutsert and safely secured in place via a built-in Kensington lock slot. For maximum practicality, the Color Charge can also be mains powered and controlled via wired DMX.

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