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Chicago’s Enclave Adds Elation LED Video Wall

Published Apr 9, 2012
Elation LED Video Wall

It’s been called the “Madonna” of nightclubs. Like the Material Girl herself, Chicago’s renowned Enclave has shown a remarkable ability to change with the times, keeping itself at the top of the Windy City’s nightlife scene for seven years.  During that time, some of the biggest music artists have rocked the 15,000 sq. ft. club’s stage, including the Black Eyed Peas, Lil Jon, Lady Gaga, Kid Rock and Akon. Its VIP guest list also reads like a Who’s Who from the entertainment and sports worlds – Paris Hilton, Tom Hanks, Kim Kardashian, Michael Jordan, Tony Romo and Anna Kournikova, to name a few.

In an industry whose players typically have a shorter shelf life than the liquid refreshments they sell, Enclave’s enduring success is no lucky accident, says Jennifer Pohl, the club’s marketing/PR director. It’s the result of the club’s ongoing effort to keep itself on the cutting edge. “We keep re-inventing ourselves to move forward with the times,” said Pohl.  “We’ve been around since 2005 and are considered an institution in the Chicago nightlife scene.”

In its latest incarnation, Enclave has emerged as a hot electronic dance music venue, featuring nationally famous DJ performers.  Along with a new state-of-the-art sound system, the club has added an LED video wall, made up of fourteen EPV 762 LED panels from Elation Professional.

Configured in front of the DJ booth, the 12’ x  3.5’ video wall has been an important centerpiece in the club’s transformation.  “Enclave was looking to become a more DJ-oriented club. And many of today’s top DJs just won’t perform in a venue that doesn’t have a video wall,” noted Randy Zahora of Buzzfire Inc., the Chicago-based nationwide dealer that supplied the Elation screen to Enclave.

Enclave looked at a number of LED screens from various manufacturers and dealers before choosing the Elation EPV 762.  Along with the quality of the product itself, one of the big factors in their decision was the high level of service provided by both Elation and Buzzfire, according to Jennifer Pohl.  “Our philosophy is, ‘If you’re going to do something, do it right,’” she said.

The EPV 762 is a high-resolution indoor video panel with a 7.62mm pixel pitch, wide viewing angle and 2,000-nit brightness. Certified with cETLus approval, it features a high refresh rate for flicker free performance and comes with a built-in 100-240 power supply.  In addition to producing sharp images with its 3-in-1 (RGB) SMD LEDs, the EPV 762 offers the advantage of “a very straightforward assembly and configuration,” said Zahora.  “We were able to integrate the video wall into their existing flat screen displays as well.”

Since it was installed in January 2012, the EPV 762 screen has been easy to work with on the fly, too, Pohl reported.  “DJs typically hand you a disc (with graphics) moments before their performance. Our VJ has had virtually no problems uploading it and integrating it into what he was planning to do.”

Along with enhancing DJs’ shows and the general club atmosphere, the video wall has opened up exciting new marketing possibilities, Pohl added. “No matter where you are in the club – and it’s a very large space – you can still see the screen,” she said.  “This great for marketing upcoming shows or any sort of event.”

The video wall played an important role in a major PR event that recently took place at Enclave: the breaking of a Guinness World Record™.  On February 3, 2012, the club broke the record for the “Most People Wearing Sunglasses In The Dark,” when more than 670 patrons donned shades and kept them on for the required 10 minutes. After securing its place in history, Enclave rewarded participants with a live performance by Lil Jon. “We used the video wall for a countdown to keep reminding people, ‘Keep your sunglasses on – we’ve only got 2 more minutes.’ Trying to get a crowd of people to do anything for 10 minutes isn’t easy,” laughed Pohl.  “Being able to use the screen for these messages really helped make the record-breaking event go smoothly.”

The ability to customize messages and graphics has also been a boon to Enclave’s thriving private corporate event business, which has included such clients as Yahoo, Google, Nike and AT&T.   During a recently held event for Toyota’s Scion auto brand, said Pohl, “we put the Scion graphics on the screen, and they were extremely impressed. The customization aspect is great.”

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