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Chauvet Unveils Led Beam Effects

Published Mar 8, 2007

While others mainly look to LED technology just for color washing, CHAUVET engineers have kept busy developing spectacular projection and mid-air effects as well. The result is the VUE™, a groundbreaking line of highly portable, DMX-controllable LED-fitted beam effects.


CHAUVET designers conceived a special Fresnel style lens that condenses the light from each LED in the array and then projects it in the form of individual light beams and spots, similarly to a standard moonflower but with more control. Hence you get LED-induced, color-saturated, room filling beams cutting sharply through the fog in ways never seen before. The units are extremely lightweight and feature wide beam angles so set up is a snap and you need to carry even fewer lights to fill your venue. All are DMX-controllable or will operate in stand-alone mode. The low power consumption of these fixtures makes it a snap to run multiple units on a single circuit. And as with all LEDs, overheating is not a concern. You don’t have to break a sweat to run your lights all night. Nor do you need to think about changing bulbs anytime soon: the average life of these LEDs is 100,000 hours.


The Vue™ I is the smallest and lightest in the series, weighing less than 4 lbs. The Vue™ I is fitted with 84 red, green and blue LEDs, each creating their own beam. It is a go-anywhere light, sure to become a mainstay on any portable lighting rig You can also link it with the Vue™ II, a bigger version, featuring more LEDs and a larger frontal lens, which in itself creates a unique, eye-catching effect. The VUE™ II is fitted with 183 LEDs (60 red, 36 green, and 66 blue and has linkable power. The Vue™ III has 7 individually controllable clusters of 67 LEDs, for a total of 469 LEDs, each projecting an individual beam (280 red, 63 green, 126 blue). As with the Vue™ II, you can daisy chain power and cut back on the number of outlets and power strips used.

Pinch yourself, you are awake. www.chauvetlighting.com

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