Dec 7, 2023

Chauvet Turning heads: New Legend 6000 Wash

Published Apr 9, 2005

With striking color features, precise control of beam and movement and a switchable power mode, the new 13/15-channel LegendTM 6000 Wash lends itself to touring, theater, production, television and architectural applications. The head moves smoothly within a range of 5700 of pan and 2700 of tilt. The color wheel offers dichroic red, green, blue, purple plus CTO 3,200 0 K and CTB 50000 K color temperature filters. A total of 31 preset color macros are also immediately accessible. In addition, LegendTM 6000 offers the creative wealth of a CMY color system. It also ensures a show’s consistency with remote color calibration to match a specific color across multiple fixtures. The mechanical shutter/dimmer executes micro-stepped variations from full open to blackouts as well as variable strobes of up to 7 flashes per second. Beam angle can be adjusted linearly from 10 0 all the way up to 30 0 making it easy to finesse projections smoothly and gradually. Optical encoders at the base of the head automatically monitor and adjust pan and tilt so that proper positioning is ensured at all times. Control is achieved in 8-bit or 16-bit. Other features include built in demo programs and a practical LED-lit digital control board.

LegendTM 6000 comes equipped with a 575 HMI 60000 K lamp source with a life of up to 1,000 hours. The lamp can be turned on and off remotely from a console. The power mode can be switched to operate at 50 or 60 Hz at voltages of 100, 115, 200 or 230V, depending on the available electrical power supply.

The unit’s relatively compact profile alleviates space and transportation constraints. Internal components are easily accessed and removed for easy maintenance.

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