Sep 29, 2023

CHAUVET Takes Crystal Disc Award

Published Jan 18, 2006, the world’s largest information network for disc jockeys, awarded The DJZone 2005 lighting Crystal Disc to CHAUVET for its Scorpion LGX Laser featuring Fat Beam ™ Technology. The awards are given annually to sound and lighting manufacturers whose products exhibit superior technical innovation for the mobile and club disc jockey industries. Disc jockey industry leaders and nearly 60,000 registered members of the DJZone network of websites submit their nominations for the awards.

The winning Scorpion LGX is a linkable, 10mW green laser effect that can be legally operated in the USA without a special variance from the FDA, thanks to CHAUVET’s proprietary Fat BeamTM technology. “Previously in the USA you could not operate a laser more powerful than 4.95mW without a special waiver,” noted DJ Zone President Sid Vanderpool. “Not only do Chauvet’s 10mW laser diodes require no special waiver, the innovative design and wider-than-usual beams make the unit’s 80 built-in effects appear much brighter.”

“Chauvet consistently gives DJ’s the most bang for the buck with features and durability usually seen only in high-end lighting fixtures,” Vanderpool said. “The Scorpion LGX will entice many DJs who were resistant to using lasers in their show because they were previously forced to enhance the low light output with haze or fog, which many venues prohibit.”

CHAUVET Product Development Manager Barry Abrams accepted the award at a January ceremony at Winter NAMM in California.

This is CHAUVET’s third Crystal Disc award. In 2004, DJZone’s recognized their COLORtubes, a DMX programmable alternative to neon. In 2003, Chauvet Lighting received the Crystal Disc for their Lazer Scan.

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