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CHAUVET Scorpion-Script Laser

Published Sep 19, 2014
CHAUVET Scorpion-Script

Putting a name in lights is one thing…but splashing a name across the walls with bold green laser beams will absolutely amaze your audience and add an electrifying charge to any show or event. With CHAUVET DJ’s Scorpion Script, a unique text- and pattern-producing laser effect, it’s easy to create not only a name but any word or phrase you choose, then display it with  eye-popping brightness, rotating on a room’s surfaces, to give your show a dramatic personal touch that won’t soon be forgotten.

The newest addition to CHAUVET DJ’s Scorpion laser family, the Scorpion Script is a compact but powerful 532mn/50mW green laser that comes with its own detachable keyboard.  Simply use the keyboard to type out any customized text:  the name of a venue, DJ, performer, event, corporate sponsor, wedding couple, a happy hour special – the possibilities are endless!

Once text has been created, it can be stored in the fixture and recalled using either the keyboard or a wireless infrared remote controller that also comes standard with the Scorpion Script. Including an IR controller in the package provides greater flexibility and mobility, giving users the option of detaching the keyboard and operating this versatile fixture wirelessly from the remote.

In addition to producing text, the Scorpion Script’s keyboard can be used to create customized laser patterns and to apply stunning rotation effects to your words and graphics.  The laser also features exciting built-in patterns, and these too can be triggered via either the keyboard or wireless IR remote.

 “The Scorpion Script offers that rare combination of being incredibly easy to use, while being a true standout effect that will have a dramatic impact on your show – people will notice it immediately,” said Nick Airriess, Product Manager for CHAUVET DJ. “It gives you the ability to instantly create any personalized text message you want and not only project it everywhere in the room – on the walls, floor, ceiling and even trussing – but also to rotate the words for added visual excitement.  And with a powerful laser diode as its source, the text appears amazingly bright and vivid.

“There are so many ways this versatile effect can be used to engage audiences,” added Airriess. “You can display a DJ’s name over the booth or a band’s name on stage; congratulate a bride and groom; project the name of a club, company or event; advertise food and drink specials; and so much more. The Scorpion Script can also produce popular laser pattern effects; it includes some great built-in patterns, or you can easily design your own with the keyboard.”

One of the many outstanding features of the Scorpion Script is that text can be created and patterns can be recalled “on the fly” during a show, for example, and immediately displayed on the stage or trussing.  A 5-meter USB extension keyboard cord has been included with the Scorpion Script for this purpose.  “Having a longer cord gives you the option of keeping the keyboard attached so you can create text on the fly, while still remaining somewhat far removed from the fixture itself,” explained Airriess.

Another flexible feature offered by the Scorpion Script is a manual size adjustment, which allows its text and patterns to be enlarged or shrunk to fit large and small venues alike.  The fixture itself is compact and lightweight -- just 2.2 pounds (1 kg) -- making it ultra-portable and easy to set up anywhere. It measures 7.2 x 7.3 x 6.5 inches (183 x 185 x 165 mm).

FDA-approved, the Scorpion Script is variance-free and ready to use right out of the box.

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