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CHAUVET O-Beast LED Derby Effect Gets Grumpy

Published Jul 20, 2009

With oversized beams, the O-Beast easily takes over the dance floor with full-room coverage of 115 degrees.   

 It responds to four channels of DMX allowing individual control of red, green and blue high power (3) LEDs, as well as control over strobing and speed of back and forth movements. Each beam is about 4 times wider than the average Derby beam.

The O-Beast’s overall size of just 11.4 inches by 13 inches, and a low weight of 6 pounds allow for flexibility of use, portability and ease of installation. The O-Beast also features built-in automated and sound activated programs via master/slave or DMX.

Since each fixture draws only 13 watts, up to 25 units can be daisy chained at 120 volts. The O-Beast can be used in virtually any setting due to its acceptance of a wide range of voltages. An autoswitching power supply allows the light to automatically adjust to a worldwide voltage range of 100-240 volts.


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