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Chauvet MiN Spot & Wash

Published Oct 27, 2007

CHAUVET’s latest offerings in the intelligent lighting scene are sure to cause enthusiastic applause from anyone who has had to hang or transport a moving head fixture.

The new MiN yokes from CHAUVET are groundbreaking LED-fitted spot (!) and wash fixtures that fit in the palm of one hand and weigh less than 8.3lbs (3.8kgs).

MiN™ Spot is in a league of its own, as a pioneering LED-fitted spot with 9 gobos plus open, a gobo spin wheel effect, and a beam angle of 13°. The MiN™ Wash swaps the gobo wheel of the Spot for built-in color macros and a larger beam angle of 27° (Field angle 53°).

MiNTM wash and MiNTM Spot feature a number of user-definable parameters, offering great flexibility. Movement range is adjustable, with stops for pan at 540, 360, and 180 degrees and for tilt at 270, 180, and 90 degrees. Pan and tilt can be inverted. In addition, the two yokes can be set to use all 13 available channels of DMX control, or limited to 5 channels if needed during shows with large quantities of fixtures. Each unit features RGB color mixing, variable electronic strobe and dimmer, and built-in movement macros in both master/slave and DMX modes, which fastens programming. Practical LED can be set to on, off, and auto settings, and the units can be reset to factory default from the fixture menu.

Each yoke comes fitted with one 14-watt RGB LED rated to last 50,000 hours.Thanks to low operating temperatures and a very slight power draw of 70W per unit, users gain more freedom from electrical limitations when designing their show. Switchable power, efficient fan cooling and built in automatic programs round out the undeniable allure of these pint-sized powerhouses.

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