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Published Jun 6, 2006

Incorporating feedback from customers, CHAUVET has re-tooled its flagship Legend Series to enhance dimmer/shutter functions, accelerate color and gobo changes, bring more flexibility to pan and tilt movements and add the manufacturer’s signature Gobo BounceTM effect in select moving yokes.

The shutter and dimmer can now function in tandem and dimming is reversible in Legend 6000X Wash, Legend 5000X and Legend 3000X. Fade in /Fade out and random strobing capability have been added to the shutter function. Pan and tilt movements can now be set from channel 1 to channel 4.

All three Legends now also sport an LED-lit DMX signal indicator. In the loss of DMX signal, fixtures go back to “0” position in 5 seconds. The display setting is now reversible to allow easier reading when fixtures are hung.

The three yokes move smoothly within 570 degrees of pan and 270 degrees of tilt. Optical encoders monitor movement and automatically re-align the heads in the event of an inadvertent change in position. Mechanical dimmers ensure smooth color and effect transitions

Legend 6000X Wash offers the creative wealth of a CMY color system. Precise remote calibration ensures color consistency across multiple fixtures .The color wheel offers dichroic red, green, blue, purple plus CTO 3,200 0 K, CTB 5000 0 K color temperature filters. A total of 31 preset color macros are also immediately accessible. The mechanical shutter allows from full open to blackout as well as variable strobe of up to 7 flashes per second. Full range dimming occurs in smooth, reliable micro-steps. Beam angle can be adjusted linearly from 10 0 all the way up to 30 0 making it easy to finesse projections gradually. A variable frost filter allows zoom effects. Each unit comes equipped with a 575 HMI 6000 0 K lamp source.

Legend 5000X features an intense 575-watt discharge lamp, dual bi-directional color wheels, 2 bi-directional gobo wheels- static and rotating- a choice of 16-bit or 8-bit resolution and four voltage settings. Features also include 14 or 16 DMX-512 channels, motorized focus, indexing gobos, a 3-facet high-speed bi-directional rotating prism, and a removable air filter. Multiple gobo, color, prism and effects can be layered to produce impressive scenic effects. The static gobo wheel is slotted for 9 interchangeable gobos plus open. The indexing rotating gobo wheel features 6 slots that accept both metal and glass gobos. Both wheels spin bi-directionally at adjustable speeds. Beam angle is 150.

For mid-range applications, the Legend 3000X is an attractive choice with just about every function of the Legend 5000X and a 250W discharge lamp with an average life rated at 3,000 hours. The color wheel offers 11 crisp colors plus white and the capability of split colors and bi-directional rainbow color spins. An indexing rotating wheel houses 6 slots plus open designed for quick and easy fittings of gobos. It accepts both metal and glass gobos and comes already fitted with one dichroic and five metal gobos. Another set of 9 extra metal extra gobos is also provided with each unit as a free add-on. A second, static gobo wheel comes with 9 interchangeable gobos plus open.

All units feature a number of user-friendly options designed to woo a wide variety of users. Quality built in demo programs produce effortless shows. Lamps can be conveniently turned on and off remotely from a console and the units also can be reset via DMX. Interior components are easily accessed to ease maintenance. The power supply is switchable (110V, 115V, 200V, 230V-50/60Hz) to meet the needs of cross-continental touring and event productions.

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