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Chauvet Legend 300E road-ready moving heads

Published May 10, 2010

CHAUVET introduces two new compact but powerful moving head fixtures to its Legend Series.  The Legend 300E Spot and Legend 300E Beam are both fitted with discharge lamps that, says Chauvet "produce a brighter beam than lights many with higher power ratings".

Chauvet Legend 300E

The Philips MRS Gold 300/2 MiniFastFit lamp make these fixtures ideal for all professional applications and installations. These lamps produce an 10,730 lux @ 2 m for the Legend 300E Spot. Thanks to the MiniFastFit lamp, lamp changes are quick and easy and can be performed virtually anywhere.

Both fixtures come with CMY and CTO color mixing systems with vector speed for super smooth color changes. Each has a color wheel with seven pure colors and white, split/linear colors and rainbow color spin at variable speeds. 

Pan and tilt are 540° and 270° respectively for very fast, quiet and precise movement. Automatic pan and tile correction plus pan and tilt locks are standard features.

The Spot is fitted with two gobo wheels, one an indexed, rotating gobo wheel with gobo shake, six glass slot-n-lock gobos, plus open, and 16-bit rotation. The second gobo wheel is also indexed and features eight slot-n-lock gobos plus open with gobo wheel spin at variable speeds. Two extra glass gobos are also included.

Other features include static frost, a rotating 3-facet prism and a zoom range of 4° to 20°.  Variable shutter speed, iris focus and 16-bit dimming are also hallmarks of this new fixture.

The Beam projects an amazingly bright 3.67 degree beam that sweeps through any wash with ease. Seven metal slot-n-lock gobos are included as well as a 3-facet prism for additional beam shaping effects.

Both fixtures come with 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connectors, user-configurable lamp ignition delay and maintenance reminder.

The Legend 300E Spot and Beam are easy to maintain due to their modular design. Their light weight and compact size make them excellent additions for all professional applications including, concerts, shows, tours and special events.

The CHAUVET Legend 300E Spot & Beam will be shipping in July.

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