Dec 7, 2023

CHAUVET Legend 1200E, COLOrado 6 And More At LDI

Published Oct 22, 2008

CHAUVET ® continues its focus on LED technology and unveils a variety of new products at 2008 LDI with applications for stage, production and retail venues, plus a preview of the company’s new architectural line, which is expected to lunch in the first quarter of 2009.

The product display list includes:

● The Legend ™1200E is CHAUVET’s first 1,200-watt moving yoke, its most impressive and sophisticated moving yoke spot to date. Features include 12, 24, or 32-channels of DMX-512 control, linear zoom, variable frost, two gobo wheels, each with 12 interchangeable slot-n-lock glass gobos, and a color wheel offering seven vibrant colors, variable color spin and seamless split colors.

● The Legend ™ 6500, a 10 or 14-channel intelligent LED moving yoke, offers full RGBW mixing capability. Distinctive features include adjustable color temperatures, the capability to trigger instant color changes and color consistency ensured by tight binning requirements.

● The Legend ™ 4500 RGBW wash, a scaled down version of the Legend™ 6500, features 54 high intensity 2-watt LEDs boasting the best-in-class size to output ratio.

● The COLORado™ 6 is an upgraded IP66-rated version of the COLORado™ 3P wash bank. This new fixture has the most up-to-date software of the COLORado series, with 108 LEDs arranged in three concentric circles, full RGB mixing and full 512-channel addressability.

● The COLORado ™ 2 is a bigger and brighter version of COLORado ™ 1 with the

addition of white LEDs for more precise color control. All fixtures in this series are interchangeable and use the same LED binning for color matching.

● The new COLORdash ™ Batten bank system and the COLORdash ™ Par, an LED

wash light, are compact and compatible with the professional-level COLORado Series in terms of DMX programming but are smaller, more compact and cost significantly less. The COLORdash ™ Batten can be power linked to up to 13 units, can be used as a cyclorama, border or strip light and can easily accommodate custom applications due to its slim measurements. The COLORdash ™ Par features adjustable barn doors for directed output. This unit also includes RGB color mixing with 18, 1-watt LEDs with on-board custom programming.

● The Q Spot ™ LED 250, a white LED-fitted spot moving head with a collection of

6-watt LEDs, gives off the brightness of a 250-watt discharge lamp. The light includes a color wheel with seven colors plus slot-n-lock static and rotating gobo wheels. The fixture also comes complete with a three-facet rotating prism and built-in effect macros that can be triggered by DMX.

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