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Published Jun 17, 2009
CHAUVET LED Mushroom-2

The Mushroom, a mainstay derby effect fixture, has been fitted with three high-powered LEDs to become a new industry standard-- the LED Mushroom.

The LED Mushroom provides floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall coverage with crisscrossing colored beams. The red, green and blue LEDs produce nearly limitless combinations through preprogrammed shows with either master/slave or DMX. Built-in sound activation programs are also via master/slave or DMX.

Lighter in weight and smaller in size than its halogen predecessor, the LED Mushroom is easy to carry, install and store. It is more powerful, with 3-watt LEDs for 130-degree floor coverage.

Because of its lower power draw of just 24 watts, up to 37 units can be daisy chained at 120 volts. The LED Mushroom can also be linked to the LED X products for additional effects. The unit can be used anywhere due to its acceptance of a wide range of voltages, from 100 – 240V. The autosensing feature automatically triggers the unit’s adjustment to the voltage supplied.

The LED Mushroom is a cool fixture and can be used in settings where heat must be avoided and energy consumption must be minimized. Because of its very low heat level, duty cycles are a thing of the past.
The LED Mushroom provides all of the classic features that made the Mushroom a DJ favorite but added value through its innovative characteristics.


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