Feb 23, 2024

Chauvet Launches Groundbreaking ILS

Published Jul 6, 2004

CHAUVET’s ILS technology pioneers total synchronization of different types of intelligent ILS fixtures (yokes, scanners, color changers, etc.) via a custom-built, user-friendly DMX-512 controller and even on stand-alone mode.

“This is a first for CHAUVET, and a first in the USA. We are thrilled that we can now offer a technology that is not only innovative but gives much more options to DJs while making DMX lighting easier than ever,” said CHAUVET CEO Albert Chauvet.

CHAUVET’s exclusive and groundbreaking ILS technology offers unprecedented flexibility and ease of operation.

ILSTM stands for integrated lighting system. Unlike other moving fixtures that can only be synchronized when they are the same type, ILS intelligent fixtures can be linked together and work in perfect synchronization regardless of their type. You can synchronize ILS-equipped scanners, yokes, color changers easily and at once! All ILS intelligent fixtures - i.e. ILS scanners, yokes and projectors- can be synchronized even on stand-alone mode or through a specially designed, user-friendly ILS-Con controller that is pre-programmed with 12 different and adjustable shows and can control all types of ILS lights at the same time. Another huge advantage of the ILS technology is that the ILS-Con controller can remotely set the DMX addresses of ILS luminaires, eliminating the need to calculate and set the DMX channels of each fixture and climb a ladder to access your hanging fixtures. All ILS units are also controllable via any universal DMX-512 controller and in that case, they perform like any other standard DMX-512 fixture. Conversely, the ILS-Con custom-built controller is a universal DMX-512 controller and, when used with non-ILS fixtures, performs like any other universal DMX-512 controller. CHAUVET will premiere the technology at summer NAMM. marketing@chauvetlighting.com

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