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CHAUVET Introduces More Club/DJ Fixtures at LDI

Published Nov 26, 2009
2009 CHAUVET LDI Booth

CHAUVET introduced 17 new products at LDI 2009, many of them ideally suited for installations in club and mobile applications.

The Q-Spot 260-LED is a high power moving yoke equipped with a 60-watt white LED. It includes a color wheel with eight slots plus white and two gobo wheels, one with nine fixed gobos plus open and the other with seven rotating slot-n-lock gobos plus open. This high-powered spot includes remote focus and a rotating prism.

The Intimidator Spot XYZ moving yoke spot uses three axes of motion to create unique positions and effects. This feature-packed fixture includes a high power, 60-watt LED, color wheel with seven slots plus white and a rotating gobo wheel with seven slots plus open. It also offers remote focus and 3-facet prism.

The Eclipse is a new take on laser effects, taking the wildly popular star field effect and adding deeply saturated blue LED illumination. The fixture projects thousands of laser pin-points that create a moving field of stars with a coverage angle of 120° to ensure wall to wall coverage. The fixture’s 30mW green and 80mW red laser diodes are matched with one high-powered blue LED, which, in combination with a textured glass filter, creates a variable and soothing rippling effect intermingled with the star field. All three light sources- the blue dimmable LED, the red and the green diodes are independently controllable.

The COLORdash Accent is a petite-sized light that incorporates seven, 1-watt LEDs (2 red, 2 green, 2 blue and 1 white) that deliver nearly endless colors through their 18-degree optics. This compact luminaire, at just 1.5 pounds and 7 inches long by 3 inches in diameter, packs the punch of a much larger fixture.

COLORdash Block is a compact wash fixture that provides an impressive output with four separate clusters of 28 1-watt LEDs each. It comes with seven operating modes and full color mixing with or without DMX. The white LEDs gives this unit a virtually limitless range of colors, including pastels and true white. Each pod can be controlled separately.

CHAUVET’s software-based controller ShowXpress has been upgraded so that it can now be used with the Mac operating system as well as Windows®7 and Windows®. Two new interfaces, including the Xpress-512 and the Xpress-512 Plus were introduced at LDI. Xpress-512 accepts multiple interfaces for more universes. It provides unlimited shows when using a computer and will playback one show without a computer. The Xpress-512 Plus includes the same features as the Xpress-512 but also offers a Min-DIN connector for external triggering, an infrared sensor for wireless scene triggering, selectable power options and built-in isolation for DMX line. The Xpress-512 Plus can playback up to 10 shows without a computer and offers an internal calendar for date and time trigger without a computer.

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