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CHAUVET Introduces Dozens of New Products at NAMM 2010

Published Jan 14, 2010

Lighting manufacturer CHAUVET, whose roots lie in the club, band, stage and mobile entertainer businesses, brought a number of new products, such as 16 new LED fixtures, five new controllers and four new lasers, to the NAMM Show 2010 in Anaheim, Calif.

The trade show, held from Jan. 14-17, featured CHAUVET’s new products ranging from unique fixtures such as the Mayhem, Line Dancer LED and Radius, to expansions in the Scorpion and LEDrain series as well as updated products including LED PAR lights with two casing finish options and tri-colored LEDs.
The heavy emphasis on LED lighting places CHAUVET at the forefront of the environmentally friendly lighting product industry, said National Sales Director Jamey Brock. “I think we have many stand-out products and I am excited to get feedback.”

The following list provides a sampling of CHAUVET’s new club, band, stage and DJ products:

CHAUVET IntimidatorSpotXYZ

Intimidator Spot XYZ -- The first CHAUVET fixture to use a third axis of motion to create unique positions and effects. New technology allows the operator to angle this moving yoke spot light in any position, including diagonally. This innovative, quietly operating luminaire comes with a high powered 60-watt white LED and 11 or 16 channels of DMX control.


Radius – An LED effect light that creates multicolored, overlapping rings of light with 3-watt red, green, blue, amber and white LEDs. The Radius offers variable electronic strobe in any color combination as well as independent control of each color. A variable-speed motor controls back-and-forth motion.


Line Dancer LED – Jump start the party with rotating and crisscrossing lines of red, green and blue light that are individually controllable with the Line Dancer LED. It comes with built-in sound activated, automated programs or DMX control.


Trident – A centerpiece DJ fixture, the Trident shoots beams in three directions with tri-colored LEDs. With a wide coverage angle of 155-degrees, it is illuminated by three tri-colored, 3-watt LEDs with seven color combinations.


4PLAY – This ready-to-go light bar is for entertainers and performers on the go. The bar is fitted with four LED moonflowers, each containing 57 red, green, blue and white diodes to produce razor-sharp rotating beams. The 4PLAY, which comes with a free travel bag, fits onto most standard tripods, including the 4BAR tripod.

CHAUVET LED Pinspot 360

LED Pinspot 360 –The newest addition to the Pinspot products comes with 5 channels of DMX control. It offers 540-degree rotation with manual tilt and is perfect for mirror ball lighting. Two lenses – 6-degree (installed) and 9-degree – are included for flexibility of use.


Scorpion GBC – This latest edition to the Scorpion aerial effect laser series features blue and green lasers that mix to create cyan and can be programmed to rotate, roll, morph and zoom into 32 built-in pattern selections. Each pattern can accomplish all of these movements through 10 channels of DMX control.


LED PAR lights – Select LED PAR cans now come in two casing finishes – chrome or black -- along with other options including tri-colored LEDs for exceptional color mixing, ultraviolet LEDs for a blacklight effect and variable white with warm and cool white LEDs.

Obey 3 – A compact DMX controller for LED lights, the Obey 3 offers three channel modes (red, green and blue only). This is a perfect controller for lighting novices or those who want to easily control their LED washes.

CHAUVET ShowXpress

ShowXpress – CHAUVET’s software-based controller has been upgraded so that it can be used with the Mac OSX, as well as Windows 7, Vista and XP. The new Xpress-512 accepts multiple interfaces for more universes. It provides unlimited shows when using a computer and will play back one show without a computer. The Xpress-512 Plus includes the same features as the Xpress-512 but also offers a mini-DIN connector for external triggering, an infrared sensor for wireless scene triggering, selectable power options and built-in isolation for the DMX line.

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