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Chauvet Followspot 400G

Published Dec 20, 2004

The Followspot 400G is CHAUVET’s answer to the needs of places of worships, small theaters, production companies and DJ services seeking an economical DMX followspot for use in venues where manual control of a beam is required to follow or spotlight a performer.

Followspot 400G produces a hard or soft-edged, medium to long-throw spot and can be sized using a mechanical iris. Features also include an electronic dimmer, manual focus, seven dichroic colors plus open, one gobo slot, a practical digital display and a reliable micro-stepping motor. Color changes, fades, dimmer levels, strobes, and blackouts can all be programmed from a lighting console for an automated performance, which allows the operator to mind only positioning, focus and the iris during the show.

Units can be linked via master/slave and in that case, all functions are performed in sync, with the exception of the focus and iris. The fixture is sold with four gobos. An optional stand with three lockable casters is sold separately. www.chauvetlighting.com

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