Mar 2, 2024

CHAUVET DMX D-Fi 2.0: Go wireless

Published May 2, 2008

The CHAUVET DMX D-Fi 2.0 upgrades the wireless DMX technology that has been in use for just over a year. By utilizing two DMX D-Fi units, programmers can eliminate long cable runs over distances as far as 120 meters.

Version 2.0 of the D-Fi features more assignable frequencies, allowing users to run up to 6 separate universes inside one venue, and allowing for additional options when experiencing difficulties in transmission due to signal interference. Multiple units can also be assigned to a single frequency in order to split a signal or cross a vast expanse that would otherwise require long cable runs.The D-Fi features LED indicators for operating mode (transmitter or receiver), frequency, and DMX signal transmission, key-hole slots for discrete wall mounting, and frequency indicator lights.

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