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Chauvet Dj Squeeze: Hot, Unique Effect Wires The Scene

Published Jan 12, 2004
Chauvet Dj Squeeze: Hot, Unique Effect Wires The Scene-Spotlight

DJ Squeeze brings the excitement of a bright, one-of-kind contractible gobo effect. The four-channel DMX-512 fixture comes with 14 gobos plus open: 4 glass, 8 monochromatic, 1 bicolor and 1 quad-colored. Patterns seemingly inflate and deflate, bringing unparalleled movement and energy to your dance floor. Other effects include strobing, rotation, Gobo BounceTM, and blackout. Image sharpness can be easily adjusted with manual focus control. Built in programs (stand alone) are beat-activated and the fixture is programmable via any universal DMX controller. DJ Squeeze is cooled by an internal fan and automatically enters stand-alone mode when the DMX signal is lost. Other features include microstepping motors for smoother movements, a thermal switch and a bright 250Wlamp (ELC3 24V). Switchable 110 V/ 230 V.2-year warranty. www.chauvetlighting.com

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