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Published Aug 30, 2013
chauvet Expo

CHAUVET® DJ introduced new products designed to take mobile setups to the next level during the 2013 DJ Expo. The 30-by-40 foot booth was constructed using more than 120 sticks and accessories from the TRUSST® line and featured more than 300 CHAUVET DJ products.


The innovative, low-profile SlimPAR™ Hex 3 IRC joins the popular SlimPAR™ series with 6-in-1 LED (RGBAW+UV) technology. Fitted with three, 7-watt LEDs, this wash light allows you to generate a broad spectrum of colors and achieve natural looking color temperatures. Also new to the series, SlimPAR™ Quad 3 IRC adds an ultra-compact wash light powered by three, quad-color LEDs (RGBA). Both SlimPAR Hex 3 IRC and SlimPAR Quad 3 IRC feature remote control capability and a sit-flat housing design that hugs the floor and includes power and DMX outlets on the side of the unit.


Wedge™ Tri is a triangle shaped wash light with DMX and remote control capability, designed to warm triangular truss systems from most manufacturers. Powered by three, tri-color LEDs, it fits perfectly inside the TRUSST Arch and Goal Post Kits and easily clamps to its 35mm truss using built-in M10 or M12 threaded rig points. For added flexibility, Wedge Tri also fits standard 50mm truss systems and features a sit-flat housing design that includes power and DMX outlets on the side of the unit.


The Intimidator™ series of powerful moving heads and scanners expands with the addition of two fixtures. The remote-controllable Intimidator™ Spot 100 IRC allows you to easily incorporate moving heads into any setup. Perfect for any mobile application, it is a lightweight, DMX-capable moving head with separate color and gobo wheels to maximize lighting options and effects. Now available with a white casing, the powerful, 75-watt Intimidator™ Spot LED 350 easily blends into any environment.


COREbar™ 4 is a complete, pack-and-go LED wash lighting system with DMX capability.  It provides total room coverage using chip-on-board (COB) technology and utilizes tri-color LEDs to eliminate multicolored shadows and create a saturated, uniform output. For added convenience, it includes carry bags, a tripod and footswitch to simplify set up, operation and tear down.  


Gobo Shot™ 50W IRC is a powerful, DMX and remote-controllable gobo projector powered by a 50-watt LED. To make the most of your time during gigs, it features a hinged gobo door for quick, easy gobo changes and uses size “D” gobos to project crisp, intricate details. Additionally, Gobo Shot 50W IRC comes with 10 popular gobos.


To easily add light anywhere, EZpar™ 56 joins the battery-powered EZ™ series with 108 RGB LEDs and up to 20 hours of battery power. This wash light is designed to speed the set up process by freeing the mobile entertainer from the hassle of running cables and features effortless point-and-shoot remote control capability.

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