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Published Feb 16, 2013
freedom par

During The NAMM Show 2013, CHAUVET® DJ introduced new products designed for musicians and mobile entertainers. Showstoppers included new additions to the 100% wireless Freedom™ series and weatherproof lighting designed for any temporary outdoor application.

CHAUVET® DJ expands the highly portable Freedom™ series by adding four new wash lights: Freedom™ Strip Mini RGBA, Freedom™ Par RGBA, Freedom™ Par Quad-5 and Freedom™ Strip Mini Quad-5. Offering plenty of flexibility to entertainers on the go, they feature a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that runs for up to 20 continuous hours, an IRC remote for easy point-and-shoot wireless control and a built-in, D-Fi™ transceiver for wireless DMX communications. For rich colors and pastels, Freedom™ Par RGBA uses 180 RGBA LEDs, while Freedom™ Strip Mini RGBA includes 200 RGBA LEDs. Additionally, Freedom™ Par Quad-5 and Freedom™ Strip Mini Quad-5 are both fitted with five 5-watt, quad-color LEDs for pristine color mixing. In addition to the standard black housing, Freedom™ Par Quad-5 is available in a white casing which makes it an ideal fixture for wedding venues.

Freedom Strip W
Freedom Strip
Freedom Par RGBA

Designed to withstand the harshness of outdoor elements, SlimPANEL™ Tri-12 IP and SlimPANEL™ Tri-24 IP provide worry-free lighting at any temporary outdoor event.  Perfect for outdoor venues and events, each fixture creates vibrant, saturated color and a smooth, even wash wherever it is needed. For optimal color mixing, SlimPANEL™ Tri-12 IP includes 12 3-watt, tri-color LEDs and SlimPANEL™ Tri-24 IP includes 24 LEDs.

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