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Published Oct 7, 2008

CHAUVET’S COLORdash PAR is a 3, 4, or 9-channel DMX-512 LED wash light (with ID addressing) that is compatible with all COLORado series fixtures. Similar to the other products in the COLORdash series, the COLORdash PAR is designed to have a broad-based appeal in a variety of applications.

For the production marketplace, the COLORdash PAR can be used in applications that require a traditional PAR fixture, but offers an additional feature -- adjustable barn doors that allow for directed output. Additional features for the production market include the ability to link power for up to 25 units and the availability of 15-degree (standard) and 30-d-egree lenses that are designed to mirror the performance of a medium flood (MFL) and wide-flood (WFL) lamp respectively.

Smaller night club and mobile DJ applications will benefit from the ability to trigger automated programs via master/slave, DMX, or the optional COLOR-CON controller, as well as the ability to recall custom programs in master/slave and DMX modes. Additional features include an LCD display with password protection and a double-bracket yoke that creates a functional floor stand.

Users in all markets will be pleased to find that custom programs can be transferred among fixtures, expediting programming of additional units.

Specifications for the unit include 18 high-power red, green and blue LEDs creating a beam angle of 12 degrees (24-degree field angle), and an output of 7,400 lux with the standard 15-degree lenses. Autoswitching ranges from 100 volts to 240 volts. The unit weighs 5.8 lbs. and measures 14-inches x 8-inches x 6-inches.

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