Nov 29, 2023

Chauvet Cashes In On Colorbanks

Published Dec 8, 2004

CHCHAUVET introduces two compact, wide-flood wash lights, Colorbank 8 and ColorbankTM 12, each outfitted with 8 and 12 gel holders, respectively. Both fixtures contain 16 preset beat-activated chase patterns. The speed of each chase can be adjusted with a rotary knob. A full on override button allows users to turn all the lamps on for static wash.

Chauvet Cashes In On Colorbanks-Body

Colorbank 8 and 12 come with a standard set of 8 or 12 colored gels that can be easily replaced with different gels of the colors of your choice. Additionally, Colorbank 8 features barn doors to give the user more control over the direction of the light. The two wash striplights very effectively wash walls and backdrops as well as smaller dancer floors and stages. Both are lightweight enough for mobile use. A practical but optional CB-FS Colorbank Footswitch controller is sold separately.

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