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Arriba’s New AC-152 Soft Padded Bag

Published Oct 9, 2006

Arriba Cases, which introduced the first line of soft carrying bags for mobile lighting fixtures, has added a new model that can hold a full-size par can system from any manufacturer. The new AC-152 is an all-in-one par can/tripod case designed to fit four Par-56 or Par-64 Cans, a T-bar, tripod and chase controller.

What’s more, with the AC-152 you don’t even have to remove the par cans from the T-bar before you put them in the bag. The case is designed to securely hold a T-bar with par cans attached to it, making it a breeze for mobile entertainers to pack up their gear and set up quickly at the next gig.

Great for DJs, karaoke rigs and musicians, the AC-152 is made of the same durable synthetic material as the other cases in the revolutionary Arriba line. Lightweight and much more affordable than hard-shell cases, the soft, padded bags are also extremely protective -- features that have made them incredibly popular with working performers.

“As the first soft bags for mobile lighting, Arriba products have provided DJs and bands with a convenient and economical alternative to the more expensive, heavier hard cases on the market,” said Brian Dowdle, marketing manager for Arriba Cases. “Now, with the addition of the AC-152, Arriba is offering this same affordable protection in a bag designed specifically for full-size par can systems. The AC-152 case will help extend the life of a par can system by safeguarding it against transport damage, protecting performers’ investment in their lighting setup.”

Like all Arriba cases, the AC-152 bag will work with products from any lighting manufacturer. It features an extra wide mouth design that allows gear to be removed quickly and easily. Another convenient feature is a secured zipped pocket for storing extra lamps, clamps and other accessories.

Designed by a team with decades of experience in the mobile DJ industry, the AC-152 is equipped with wheels and pull handles, making it very easy to transport. Because it allows fixtures to be stacked without having to be boxed, it will also save valuable transport space in cars and vans, another advantage for performers on the go.

With the AC-152, mobile performers will look stylish while they travel, too. Like all the products in the eye-catching Arriba line, the bag features a sleek black exterior and an attractive color cube logo.

The suggested retail price of the AC-152 All-in-one Par Can/Tripod Case is $99.95.

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