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Arriba & Elation Team Up to Offer Free AC-140 Case

Published Jul 15, 2006

Arriba Cases and Elation Professional have joined forces for an exciting new promotional offer: All Elation Magic 260 DMX lighting controllers purchased between August 1, 2006 and October 31, 2006 will come pre-bundled with a free Arriba AC-140 padded case.

Part of the new Arriba line of soft lighting bags, the AC-140 case fits the Magic 260 snugly and will prevent the controller from being damaged during transport. If purchased separately, the AC-140 would carry a suggested retail price of $39.95, but it is being offered absolutely free with the Magic 260 during the three-month promotional period. “Including a free case with the Magic 260 greatly enhances the value of this popular Elation controller,” said Brian Dowdle, marketing director for Arriba Cases. “In addition to the monetary value of the case itself, DJs and mobile entertainers will have a secure way to carry the Magic 260 in its own travel bag, where it will be protected against knicks, dings, scratches and other damage.” Sleekly styled and made of durable synthetic material, patent-pending Arriba Cases are the first line of soft cases designed specifically to carry the mobile lighting gear used by DJs, VJs, karaoke jocks and bands. More affordable and lightweight than hardshell lighting cases, the soft, padded bags protect mobile entertainers’ investment in lighting and can be used with gear from all major suppliers. Designed by individuals with experience as DJs, Arriba Cases offer mobile performers some unique time-saving features. Their extra-wide mouth design allows users to pack and unpack fixtures quickly, and secure “view windows” make it easy to identify the specific lighting product inside a zipped bag. The Magic 260 from Elation is the perfect mid-size DMX controller for clubs, discos, mobile DJs and other intelligent lighting users with intermediate level needs. With 260 DMX channels, the Magic 260 can control up to 24 moving lights (up to 16 channels each) and store 264 shows and 1152 programmable scenes. It can also operate non-DMX lights run through a power pack via 4 On/Off auxiliary switches. Equipped with a large library of pre-installed profiles for major brand lighting fixtures, the Magic 260 also comes with pre-programmed factory movements, making it ideal for operators who don’t want to program their own light shows. Other features of the Magic 260 include: a pan/tilt joystick; 4 DMX channel/data wheels; 24 fixture buttons, 8 fades and large rotary wheels to control pan/tilt, chase speed, cross-fade time or data entry. The stackable AC-140 case from Arriba measures 23"L x 10.5"W x 10.5"H, making it suitable for other lighting fixtures such as the American DJ Deluxe Scan 250, American DJ Accu Scan, Elation Active Scan 250, Elation Protron Color, and similar sized effects from other major lighting suppliers. The user-friendly Magic 260 controller from Elation weighs 10 lbs. and measures 19"L x 7"W x 4"H. It has a suggested retail price of $799.95, and includes a free Arriba AC-140 case (valued at MSRP $39.95) during this special co-promotion (Aug. 1 – Oct. 31).

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