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American DJ’s Next-Generation Scan Tron 250 & Roller Tron 250

Published Oct 16, 2004

American DJ’s Scan Tron and Roller Tron have reared their mighty, detachable heads and are bursting forth with more power and capabilities than ever before. The company has unveiled the next-generation Scan Tron 250 and Roller Tron 250, with a whole new set of upgrades and features that make these two-in-one effects even bolder, brighter and more unique than their popular predecessors.


Like the originals, the all-new DMX-protocol Scan Tron 250 and Roller Tron 250 easily convert from a sweeping scanner to a color changer with gobos by removing their detachable X/Y mirror head. However, numerous improvements —like an ultra-bright 250-watt lamp, better optics, built-in light shows, a lightweight electronic transformer, and no duty cycle—give the Scan Tron 250 and Roller Tron 250 a true “heads up” when it comes to cutting-edge features.


With their new high-power 250-watt lamp, the Scan Tron 250 and Roller Tron 250 create more vivid and brilliant light beams and images, allowing them to fill any venue regardless of size. In addition to big areas, the Scan Tron 250 and Roller Tron 250 can be used in more contained spaces, thanks to a 19-degree angled beam that’s ideal for rooms with low ceilings.


Equipped with five DMX channels, the Scan Tron 250 and Roller Tron 250 feature a new easy-to-read digital display that helps users achieve more precise and accurate control. For added convenience, the Scan Tron 250 and Roller Tron 250 come pre-programmed with two all-new complete light show sequences that require no controller to run. In keeping with the effects’ versatility, one of these built-in light shows has been designed for large dance floors, and the second for tighter quarters.


“With the Scan Tron 250 and Roller Tron 250, we took one of our most popular families of effects and super-charged them,” said Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “The idea of a removable scanner head creating a two-in-one effect was superb to begin with. Then, we discovered and implemented several ingenious ways to improve on it. As a result, the combined quality and versatility of these new effects make them an incredible value for our customers.”


The Scan Tron 250 and Roller Tron 250 can run all night long with no on/off duty cycle, thanks to a large fan that keeps the unit cool enough for continuous operation. Another user convenience is circuit-breaker protection, which insures that DJs and clubs will never have to deal with the frustration of blown fuses.


A lightweight electronic transformer has replaced the heavier metal one found on the previous Scan Tron and Roller Tron models. This effectively cuts each unit’s weight from 23 lbs. down to 12 lbs., significantly facilitating cartage and setup.


With a super-fast X/Y mirror speed, the Scan Tron 250 and Roller Tron 250 are great for high-energy dance music. The two units are virtually identical, except for the Roller Tron 250’s barrel mirror, which creates more 3D-like tunnel-shaped beams. Both fixtures include six colors plus white, 11 gobos plus spot, one quad-color and a separate shutter that allows fast strobing in virtually any color or gobo. Users have the option of running the unit in sound-activation mode, with a convenient sensitivity knob to control the degree to which the effect responds to the music. The Scan Tron 250 and Roller Tron 250’s flashy effects can be multiplied to the extreme by linking two or more units together with XLR cable.


Durable and road-worthy fixtures, the Scan Tron 250 and Roller Tron 250 feature an extruded aluminum case design, dual hanging brackets and an EZ lamp-replacement door. A ZB-ELC10 250-watt long-life Phillips lamp and a full-focusing lens are included. The Scan Tron 250 and Roller Tron 250 each measure 5.75”L x 10.25”W x 20.75”H and weigh just 12 lbs.


The suggested retail price of the Scan Tron 250 is $369.95. The suggested retail price of the Roller Tron 250 is $369.95.

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