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American DJ’s New Rover 250 & Electra 250

Published Nov 22, 2004

American DJ has turned up the power on its moonflowers. The company has introduced the Rover 250 and Electra 250, brighter 250-watt versions of its top-selling Rover and Electra sound-activated moonflower effects. Yet, despite their higher-wattage lamps – and some other great new features – the Rover 250 and Electra 250 continue to sell for the same low price as the popular originals, just $139.95 each suggested retail.

American DJ’s New Rover 250 & Electra 250-Body


Perfect for mobile DJs, bands, nightclubs and parties, the new Rover 250 and Electra 250 blast colorful moonflower patterns in all directions with enough intense visual action to fill virtually any venue. With their super-charged 250-watt lamps, the effects create more vibrant multi-dichroic colored beams that dance to the music all night long. They’re so powerful, in fact, that their effects are razor-sharp even in the absence of fog.


Another new feature is a high-velocity fan that keeps the Rover 250 and Electra 250 cool all night for continuous operation with no on-off duty cycle. This means that DJs, clubs and bands can now simply turn on the Rover 250 and Electra 250 and let them run until closing time.


Additionally, a high-tech electronic transformer has replaced a heavier metal one in the new models. This makes the Rover 250 and Electra 250 extremely light in weight, so they’re easy for bands and DJs to take on the road and transport from gig to gig.



One exciting nuance that made the original Rover and Electra so popular – and is still featured on the new 250-watt versions – is a rotating mirror that disperses colorful light beams to the furthest reaches of the room. The Electra 250 uses a flat mirror surface, while the Rover 250 utilizes a barrel mirror to create more 3-D-looking, tunnel-shaped beams. By combining the power of rotating beams and mirrors, the effects provide considerably more movement and coverage than your typical moonflower.



Versatile and practical, the Rover 250 and Electra 250 can be operated in three different modes—Static, Sound-Active or Continuous Rotation. This gives them the flexibility to be used in a variety of applications.


“The original Rover and Electra were the kind of quintessential mobile DJ effect that American DJ has successfully built its business on,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “With their rotating mirrors, these fixtures provided lots of lighting action for their compact size and low price. Now that they’ve been upgraded with more brilliant 250-watt lamps and features like duty-cycle-free operation, they offer even more value for the dollar.”


The Rover 250 and Electra 250 each come with a 250-watt LL-EHJ 24 lamp, and hanging brackets are provided for easy and safe installation. Built-in circuit breaker protection on both units ensures that neither time nor money will be spent changing blown fuses.


Small and super-portable, the Rover 250 and Electra 250 each measure 18.5”L x 9”W x 8”H and weigh just 7 lbs. The suggested retail price of the Rover 250 is $139.95. The suggested retail price of the Electra 250 is $139.95.


For more information, contact American DJ at 800-322-6337. Fax: 323-582-2610. Web: Email:

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