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American DJ’s New Energy One and Energy DMX Strobes

Published Aug 3, 2004

DJs, clubs and bands have always relied on the power of the strobe light to energize all kinds of gigs and gatherings—from frenzied disco dance floors to live music performances to weddings and bar mitzvahs. Now, American DJ has made this universally appealing effect more accessible and exciting than ever with the introduction of two new strobe lights: the Energy One and Energy DMX.

Cranking out 200 watts of power with every flash, the Energy One and Energy DMX strobes pack a lot of punch for their size. They’re brilliant and penetrating enough to reduce even the largest venue or the wildest dance floor to a slow-motion, frame-by-frame freakout of epic proportions.

The Energy One and Energy DMX strobes are built to be extremely road-worthy as well. Both are lightweight—a mere 4.5 pounds—and come with a durable, high-tech plastic case that protects the units from damage during transport, setup and teardown.

The difference between the two strobe lights is that the Energy DMX – as indicated by its name – can be operated with a DMX lighting controller. Priced at just $149.95 suggested retail, the Energy DMX lets users change strobe speeds and adjust dimming remotely via any standard DMX controller. The Energy One, which costs just $119.95, has manual speed- and dimming-control knobs.

“Everyone needs a strobe as part of their light show,” said Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “Strobes are as popular today as ever. That’s why we’ve designed our new Energy One and Energy DMX to provide nightclubs, bands and DJs with enough flash to hyper-activate any type of festivity imaginable.”

With the Energy DMX, American DJ has also addressed the growing need for a lightweight, inexpensive strobe light that’s DMX-compatible, added Davies. “More DJs are using DMX controllers to operate their light shows today,” he pointed out, “and the Energy DMX offers an incredible value for a DMX strobe.”

Compact and lightweight, the Energy DMX and Energy One each measure 6.5”L x 8”W x 13”H and weigh just 4.5 lbs. Both units come standard with a 200-watt ZB-E200S lamp. The suggested retail price of the Energy One is $119.95. The suggested retail price of the Energy DMX is $149.95.

The Energy DMX and Energy One represent a great value to lighting users at all levels,” Davies said. “You’d be hard-pressed to find strobe lights of such high quality and versatility at these incredibly low price points.”

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