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American DJ’s New Dura Truss System

Published Oct 25, 2004
American DJ’s New Dura Truss System-Spotlight

Lighting truss just got lighter, stronger and more professional with the introduction of American DJ’s new Dura Truss System. An extremely durable new gig rig for DJs, bands and mobile entertainers, the Dura Truss System can support up to 300 pounds of lighting fixtures—considerably more than many DJ lighting stands of the past—without so much as a sag.

American DJ’s New Dura Truss System-Body

Consisting of two 5-foot sections of triangular trussing and two crank stands, the Dura Truss System gives DJs and bands the ability to take a more professional approach to light shows. The system is capable of bearing the high-tech fixtures many performers have begun incorporating into their acts, as lights and lighting effects play an increasingly important role in musical performances of all styles.

Despite its impressive strength, the Dura Truss System is easy to set up and take down. The steel truss tubing is small, which helps keep the system lightweight and transportable at just 85 pounds (unloaded). Quick Release pins allow for fast assembly without the use of clamps, so the system can be up and running in a snap.

“Considering its portability, the Dura Truss System can hold an awful lot of lighting,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “As bands and DJs get more professional with their lighting setups, the demand for strong and affordable trussing has increased. Our Dura Truss System was designed to effectively address that growing need among the current generation of lighting users.”

Built to strict specifications, the system is not only sturdy, but safe and secure as well. All lighting fixtures can be bolted directly to the truss via the available mounting holes. The crank stands are well constructed and designed not to tip over if someone accidentally bumps into the rig.

With an affordable suggested retail price of only $439.95, the high-tech Dura Truss System is priced to fit the budgets of DJs and bands everywhere who are expanding their lighting arsenals.

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