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American DJ’s New 250-Watt Gobo Scope

Published Jan 16, 2005

With American DJ’s new Gobo Scope, clubs and DJs can turn back time to the psychedelic ’60s and ’70s whenever the music calls for marmalade skies, looking-glass ties and kaleidoscope eyes.

A hypnotic and tantalizing sound-active effect, the Gobo Scope projects kaleidoscope-type patterns onto walls, floors and ceilings—transforming ordinary venues into vivid retro-worlds of brilliant colors and “far-out” designs.

The Gobo Scope utilizes 17 color/gobo combinations to create sharp, symmetric images that change before your eyes as the kaleidoscope turns in stand-alone mode. An audio-sensitive setting provides even more mind-blowing options, causing the Gobo Scope’s patterns to groove along and evolve to the beat of the music. Two convenient FX knobs allow users to control the unit’s rotation speed and audio-sensitivity level on the fly.

Although its designs may be retro-inspired, the Gobo Scope is strictly cutting-edge when it comes to offering the hot new features that today’s clubs and DJs demand. It comes equipped with a high-output 250-watt lamp that blasts out enough power and brightness to cast its kaleidoscopic spell over the entire room. Additionally, it can be operated continuously all night with no duty cycle, thanks to a large cooling fan -- so users can simply plug it in, then watch as the crowd “tunes in, turns on and drops out.”

“The Gobo Scope is a great effect for DJs and clubs who want a little something different in their lighting arsenals,” said Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “It’s the perfect effect for ’60s and ’70s parties, or any occasion that calls for psychedelic décor. It also makes a great secret weapon for DJs and clubs who want to take their performances up a notch and add some retro excitement to their shows.”

Featuring manual full-focusing, the Gobo Scope also offers circuit-breaker protection, so there’s never any need to change blown fuses. The unit comes with a hanging bracket and an EZ access door for fast and convenient lamp replacement. Compactly designed for convenient portability, the Gobo Scope measures 10.75”L x 12.5”W x 8.75” high and weighs 16 lbs.

Another thing about Gobo Scope that will “turn back time” is its price. At an amazingly low $169.95 suggested retail, the Gobo Scope may very well cause users to have flashbacks of the ’60s dollar-wise.

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