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American DJ’s myDMX Software PC Ran DMX Affordable

Published Jun 16, 2008

For many lighting pros, PC-based lighting software has become the DMX control method of choice, because it’s so convenient and provides them with more creative options. Instead of running a big control board, lighting designers can create and trigger shows from their laptop computers via a user-friendly interface that offers powerful features such as the ability to “visualize” what the final product will look like.

Now American DJ is bringing the point-and-click power of PC-based DMX software to smaller, “non-tech” users such as DJs, mobile entertainers, bands and clubs. The company has introduced myDMX, an extremely easy-to-use, affordable DMX lighting control software that has all the capabilities you need to program and run a professional intelligent light show from your laptop or desktop – without requiring complicated technical knowledge.

Just hook up the myDMX interface to your computer via a USB cable, connect your DMX lighting fixtures to the other end of the unit with DMX cable . . . and you’re ready to roll out your show! With its vivid, user-friendly display screen, myDMX makes it simple -- even for DMX novices -- to set up the software, program scenes and playback their shows. Profiles for more than 2,000 popular moving lights, stage lights and LED fixtures from leading suppliers come pre-programmed into the software – and new downloadable profiles are constantly being added. Plus, with myDMX’s handy Scan Library Editor, you can quickly add and edit new fixtures if any of your lights aren’t already there.

Thanks to the software’s Effects Generator and easy-to-use tools, even non-pros will be able to put together a professional-looking light show with impressive, eye-popping effects. For example, a Pan/Tilt Effects Tool gives you the ability to easily create waves and other moving effects by selecting and editing various shapes on the screen. A Color Manager Tool lets you mix colors on RGB or CMY fixtures, assign the colors to specific fixtures, and create static or dynamic color sequences -- all with a few points and clicks. There’s even an RGB Matrix Tool that can be used to project photos, artworks and videos stored in your computer onto an LED panel matrix. . turning it into a wall graphic or movie screen!

MyDMX also includes one of the most sought-after features on DMX software – a 3D Visualizer. This immensely helpful tool lets you visualize the room where your gig will take place and “build” a show based on the venue’s size and dimensions. With the 3D Visualizer you can set up your truss configuration and program your lighting offline so when you get to your gig, you’re ready to go!

Equipped with 512 DMX channels, myDMX lets you create dynamic scenes of up to 1,000 steps each, with individual fade and wait times, as well as complete shows that can include up to 255 scenes. (The number of shows that can be created and saved is limited only by the memory of your computer!) A Keyboard Triggering feature allows you to instantly trigger a scene by pressing a key assigned to it on your computer keyboard. As another control option, myDMX is compatible with any standard MIDI controller, so you can easily assign scenes and fixture channels to a MIDI unit’s faders and buttons, allowing for live playback, scene triggering, and external fixture control via MIDI.

“MyDMX was developed to provide the simplest PC-based DMX lighting control solution for end-users who aren’t necessarily lighting pros or DMX experts,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “Many of American DJ’s everyday customers -- DJs, clubs and mobile entertainers -- told us they wanted the convenience and powerful features of PC lighting control, but were intimidated by some of the more complex and expensive software out there. So we came out with myDMX to meet this demand for an easy-to-use, affordable lighting control program.”

Designed for use with a laptop or desktop computer with a USB port (not included), myDMX requires Windows ME, XP or any other up-to-date operating system version. Minimum system requirements include: 256 Mb memory, 800 x 600 screen resolution, 800 MHz clock frequently, and 32Mb RAM video card to use the 3D visualizer supporting Microsoft DirectX 9.0. Best performance system requirements include: 512 Mb memory, 1280 x 1024 screen resolution, 1.5GHz clock frequently, and 128Mb RAM video card to use the 3D visualizer supporting Microsoft DirectX 9.0.

The myDMX system includes: a myDMX USB Interface unit, myDMX software CD, USB cable, and user manual. The MSRP of the myDMX system is $399.95.

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