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American DJ’s Mobile Ray & Mobile Beam Systems Provide Instant Ultra-Bright Light Shows

Published Jun 17, 2005

Here’s a bright idea: Put together an affordable instant light show package that includes a pair of easy-to-use scanners, a blackout controller and an XLR cable. Then, do it again. That’s exactly what American DJ has done with the introduction of its new Mobile Beam System and Mobile Ray System, two high-wattage lightshows-in-a-box designed specifically for DJs on the go.

The ultra-compact Mobile Beam and Mobile Ray Systems both come equipped with long-life Philips 250-watt lamps that produce the kind of bright, sharp beams and vibrant colors you’d normally expect from big-time professional lighting effects. The lightweight systems are remarkably user-friendly—with no DMX programming required—so virtually anyone can operate them right out of the box.

The only difference between the two systems is that Mobile Beam emits regular scanner beams, while the Mobile Ray uses a four-angle mirror to create quadra-type beams. Each offers 14 different gobo–color combinations, so mobile DJs can choose from a large palette of eye-popping effects that are always fresh.

The Mobile Beam and Mobile Ray are sound-active systems that can be set to automatically sync up with the groove of the music. They feature two built-in lightshow programs, one designed for larger dance floors and one tailored for smaller rooms. This gives them the versatility to create perfectly scaled presentations in virtually any venue where mobile DJs perform, all at the touch of a button.

“For such little lighting systems, the Mobile Beam and Mobile Ray pack a whole lot of power,” said Scott Davies, general manager of American DJ. “With their super-bright beams, multi-color patterns and crystal-clear optics, they take the concept of ‘plug-and-play’ to an entirely new level of professionalism and excitement. And with suggested retail prices of just $459.95 each, they offer quite a remarkable value for mobile DJs operating on a budget.”

Mobile DJs who embrace the Mobile Beam or Mobile Ray aren’t limited to a two-scanner lightshow, either. They can expand their systems to create even larger and more dramatic lighting presentations by linking multiple Mobile Beams and Mobile Rays together via XLR cable.

The Mobile Beam and Mobile Ray have numerous other convenient and value-added features that DJs are sure to appreciate. A high-velocity fan keeps the units cool enough to run continuously all night without duty cycles; a mini controller lets users control blackout from remote locations or discreet spots within the room; a wide beam angle and full-focusing lens allow for optimal optics; and an audio-sensitivity knob lets you adjust how the systems respond to whatever sound system you happen to be using that night.

The Mobile Beam and Mobile Ray are sold as complete systems, each of which includes two scanners, the Mini/C blackout controller and a 10-foot XLR cable. Both are incredibly light and easy to transport, as each individual scanner weighs a mere 8.5 lbs. Small enough to fit in the backseat of a car, each unit measures 8.5"L x 9"W x 17"H.

The suggested retail price of the Mobile Beam System is $459.95. The suggested retail price of the Mobile Ray System is $459.95.

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