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American DJ’s Mega Flash DMX Multiplies Brightness

Published Oct 14, 2004

American DJ has put more “mega” in the “flash.” The company has introduced the Mega Flash DMX, a powerful DMX-compatible strobe light with a whopping 800 watts of output. Compact and pocketbook-friendly, the brilliant Mega Flash DMX outstrobes similar fixtures in its price range by as much as a brightness factor of four.


“DJs won’t have to pay megabucks for the Mega Flash DMX,” said Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “Its suggested retail price is just $149.95, which is comparable to many 200-watt strobes on the market today. So this brilliant new 800-watt fixture represents an awesome value for DJs, night clubs, bands and lighting customers everywhere.”


With the power to transform any dance floor into a heavenly pulsar so bright you’ve got to wear shades, the Mega Flash DMX is the product of cutting-edge lighting technology that allows for enormous amounts of added wattage without all the excess weight associated with older designs. Small and compact, the fixture weighs a mere 5 lbs. and comes with a durable, high-tech plastic case that protects it from damage during transport, setup and breakdown.


The Mega Flash DMX lets users change strobe speeds and adjust dimming from 0–100 percent via a standard DMX lighting controller. Speed- and dimming-control knobs are also located on the rear of the unit for DJs who want to operate the Mega Flash DMX without a controller. The fixture also can be set to operate in sound-active mode, in which it will flash along to the beat of the music.


A perennially popular effect, strobe lights such as the Mega Flash DMX never go out of season. That makes them the perfect effect for everything from summertime galas to Christmas and New Year’s parties. A good, solid strobe doesn’t lose its appeal over time, either, so DJs and bands can use the Mega Flash DMX from year-to-year as a standard component of their lighting arsenals.


“Bands and DJs have always relied on the power of the strobe light to kick their gigs up a notch,” Davies said. “Everyone needs a strobe as part of their light show, and the Mega Flash DMX is one that will surely make its presence felt.”


The Mega Flash DMX measures 4”L x 15.5”W x 8.5”H and weighs just 5 lbs. The unit comes standard with an 800-watt ZB-800 lamp. The suggested retail price of the Mega Flash DMX is $149.95.

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