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American DJ’s LED FX Pak Combines 4 LED Effects In One Package

Published Mar 7, 2008

“Going LED” just got easier and more affordable for DJs, discos and bands, thanks to American DJ’s new LED FX Pak. This convenient and economical package bundles together four exciting portable LED effects, giving clubs, DJs and entertainers everything they need to put on an instant eye-popping LED light show.

The four units in the LED FX Pak are: the Spectrum LED, the Pearl LED Color, the Electra LED and the B6B Beacon LED. Representing a diverse sampling of American DJ’s many new LED effects, they include: a DMX controllable moonflower that offers RGB color mixing; an extremely bright 6-color LED moonflower that rivals a 400W halogen fixture; a scanning mirrored LED moonflower; and a blue LED police beacon effect.

“There are a lot of DJs, musicians and smaller clubs who would like to join the trend to LED lighting, but may be confused about which units to buy or feel they don’t have the budget to replace their tradional effects,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “We came out with the LED FX Pak to make it easy for people to get in on the LED craze without breaking their bank account.

“We chose four pieces that are easy to operate and work together nicely, and can also be incorporated smoothly into an existing conventional light show,” Davies explained. “By offering them at one low price, just about any DJ, club or musical act can step into the realm of LED effects and start enjoying their many advantages.”

Among the advantages of LED effects are their ability to produce a sharper and brighter light show than standard halogen fixtures -- one that doesn’t require fog to look spectacular! This makes them great for events and venues that want to avoid a smoky atmosphere, such as weddings and corporate banquets. What’s more, in spite of their brilliance, LEDs draw a fraction of the power of traditional halogen and incandescent lights, saving on energy costs and allowing more units to be connected on a single circuit. LEDs also have cooler running temperatures, allowing them to stay on all night without requiring duty cycles and creating a much more comfortable environment on the dance floor. Another major advantage is the long life of LEDs, which virtually eliminates the need for replacement lamps. The fixtures in the LED FX Pak are rated at 50,000 to 100,000 hours, and combined with the units’ rugged housing and no moving parts, will provide years of solid, nearly maintenance-free performance.

Great for mobile entertainers, dance clubs, parties, and special occasions of all types, the LED FX Pak will captivate any crowd with its dazzling effects. Here’s a closer look at the four units:

Spectrum LED – A single LED moonflower effect that with 64 brilliant red, blue and green beams, the Spectrum has an output comparable to a 150W halogen bulb, based on visual comparison. It can be run as a sound-activated effect to built-in programs or operated with a DMX controller for even more versatility, including RGB color mixing. It measures 7”x9”x5” and weighs 7 lbs.

Pearl LED Color – An ultra-brilliant LED moonflower, the DMX-controllable Pearl LED Color is powered by a 3-watt LED -- the largest and brightest LED lamp American DJ has put in a moonflower fixture -- producing a dazzling output equivalent to a 400W halogen bulb! Its razor-sharp red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple beams are unequaled in vibrancy. The Pearl LED Color can be operated in DMX, Sound Active and Master Slave modes. It includes a manual focusing lens and an extremely wide beam angle that allows for more area coverage, making it an ideal choice for clubs and venues of all sizes. The Pearl LED Color’s high-tech plastic case makes it extremely lightweight at only 3 pounds, and it measures 9” x 11.5” x 8”.

Electra LED – Inspired by American DJ’s Electra 250, the Electra LED is an amazing classic moonflower effect unit – but it uses much less power and offers all the other benefits of LED technology. Thanks to a new lens technology, the sharpness of the 46 LED’s in red, green and blue provide unmatched rich, saturated colors, with or without a fog machine. The Electra LED also has a wide beam spread, enabling the unit to be used in any size space and even to project spectacular lighting effects on a wall. The unit is lightweight and portable, weighing only 5 pounds and measuring 17” x 8” x 9”. It comes with a hanging bracket, so it’s ready to go, right out of the box.

B6B Police Beacon – With its 56 blue LED bulbs, this is one police chase that can go on all night! The B6B’s lights are arranged in eight vertical bars around a rotating center, allowing for more operating options than traditional beacon effects, which were mainly a single bulb with a rotating reflector. The B6B can be run in six different configurations, including clockwise rotation or counterclockwise rotation, with different numbers of LED bars turned on. Additionally, the B6B has seven different speeds, thanks to its DIP switches, providing even more options than traditional rotating reflector police beacons. The B6B’s lamps are rated for 50,000 hours, come with three built-in mounting brackets and like other American DJ LED products, require no duty cycles.

The LED FX Pak is very affordable, at only $559.95 manufacturers suggested retail

For more information, contact American DJ at 800-322-6337 or visit the website at www.americandj.com

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