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American DJ’s Inno Scan LED And Inno Roll LED Intelligent Scanners

Published Jul 16, 2012
Inno-Vation In Scanners!

Inno-Vation In Scanners!

Two new intelligent mirrored scanners from American DJ are amp-ing up the level of excitement at discos and nightclubs, stunning crowds with their incredibly bright visual effects.   The Inno Scan LED and Inno Roll LED both utilize a revolutionary super-size 50-watt LED source that produces amazingly brilliant colors and gobo patterns, which scan across the walls, ceiling and dance floor in rapid, fluid X-Y motion.

Not only are these two scanners bold and powerful, they’re also intelligent and professional. Both DMX compatible, they’re loaded with pro effects, including: 8 colors + white; 6 rotating gobos + spot; a Gobo Shake effect; and an LED Strobe and Pulse effect.  With separate color and gobo wheels, the Inno Scan LED and Inno Roll LED can produce a large variety of effect combinations.  And because their 23.8mm (19mm viewable size) gobos are replaceable, they offer establishments and entertainers the versatility to project their own custom graphics for any occasion or event.

The difference between the two units is that the Inno Scan LED, which runs in 2 DMX channel modes (8 or 11-channel), produces conventional flat beams with a 9° beam angle.  The Inno Roll LED uses a barrel mirror to create tunnel-shaped beams with a 7° beam angle, and it operates on 8 DMX channels.

“With the Inno Scan LED and Inno Roll LED, American DJ is continuing to forge ahead with the LED revolution,” said Alfred Gonzales, national sales manager for American DJ.  “The units’ 50-watt LED source brings a new level of brightness to LED-powered, scanner-type club lighting effects.  Plus, they offer all the premium features you would want in a professional scanner, packaged in a trim case size and at a very attractive price.”

Their compact size (11”L x 8.25”W x 22”H/ 274 x 208 x 555mm), light weight (14 lbs./ 6.3 kg.), and down-to-earth retail price ($839.95 MSRP) make the Inno Scan LED and Inno Roll LED great for everything from permanent installations in bars and nightclubs, to mobile use by DJs, bands, and entertainers on-the-go. Featuring built-in lighting programs, the scanners can be operated manually or via a DMX-512 controller, accommodating a wide range of user needs and levels of lighting experience.

The Inno Scan LED and Inno Roll LED can be run in 3 different modes: DMX, Sound Active and Master-Slave. When 4 units are run Master-Slave, they feature a Pan/Tilt Inversion Mode, in which scanners 1 and 3 will sync together opposite scanners 2 and 4, producing the look of an orchestrated light show.  All units feature IEC AC IN/OUT on the rear to daisy-chain power.  As another convenient control option, the Inno Scan LED and Inno Roll LED are compatible with American DJ’s easy-to-use UC3 Series Controllers (sold separately).

A large number of other premium features have been built into the scanners as well, such as high quality 1.8° stepper motors for smooth, accurate movements. The Inno Scan LED and Inno Roll LED also include a manual focusing lens, a hanging bracket with a safety hook, and a 4-button user-friendly DMX menu on the rear. High on energy efficiency and low on maintenance, each unit’s 50-watt LED lamp consumes just 103 watts of electricity and will run for 30,000 hours without needing replacement.

The MSRP of the Inno Scan LED is $839.95.  The MSRP of the Inno Roll LED is $839.95. 

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