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American DJ’s Hypnotic RGB Tri-Color Laser Mesmerizes

Published Sep 22, 2011
Hypnotic rgb

Get ready to be hypnotized in the club, disco or anywhere there’s a party with the trance-like magic of American DJ’s Hypnotic RGB tri-laser effect. A unique fixture that combines 3 different color lasers in one unit – 30mW green, 80mW red, and 350mW violet blue – the Hypnotic RGB weaves unusual-looking “web-like” patterns that appear as lacy layers of brilliant light.  

Just flick it on in Sound Active Mode, and the Hypnotic RGB will dazzle and mesmerize as it projects its spidery effects on the dance floor, walls or ceiling.  Its 78° beam angle, high-quality stepper motors and exciting built-in programs provide wide coverage and smooth movements, enveloping the crowd in a labyrinth of hypnotic red, green and blue laser patterns.

Great for small clubs and mobile entertainers who want to put on a distinctive-looking light show that will immediately make their act or venue stand out, the Hypnotic RGB is also very lightweight, portable and easy to operate.  Plus, with each of its 3 lasers having secured FDA approval, the Hypnotic RGB can be used safely anywhere, with no variances required.

“When you hear the term RGB, you typically think of an LED effect.  But with the Hypnotic RGB, we’ve actually created an ‘RGB laser,’”’ said Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager for American DJ.  “A red, green and blue laser effect is a real first -- and a truly different kind of visual experience.”
One of the things that’s especially unique to the Hypnotic RGB is its blue laser, Gonzales added.  “Until recently, blue lasers have been very rare and prohibitively expensive to use in club lighting effects.  But we have found a way to bring the cost down and develop an affordable blue laser that’s FDA approved. The blue laser is one of the things that will really make people take notice of the Hypnotic RGB.”

Club owners and entertainers will take notice of how easy and economical the Hypnotic RGB is to operate.  Ready to go right out of the box in its “plug-and-play” Sound Active Mode, it can also be run in Master/Slave or DMX Modes.  Up to 24 units can be linked using 3-pin DMX cable and IEC In/Out power connectors, to create a large, stunning laser light show.

Operating the Hypnotic RGB with a DMX-512 controller gives users even more options for customizing their own show.  The fixture runs on 2 DMX channels, and it is equipped with a digital DMX display on the rear panel for easy navigation.  As another convenient control option, the Hypnotic RGB is equipped with a 1/4” input for an American DJ UC3 remote controller (sold separately), which allows control of the unit from a distance of up to 32 feet.

For producing such a spectacular light show, the Hypnotic RGB consumes very little electricity, just 13 watts at maximum operation, making it very economical to operate.  The fan-cooled effect features multi-voltage operation (AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz), giving it the versatility to go virtually anywhere.

Its rugged metal housing makes the Hypnotic RGB durable and able to withstand life on the road.  The unit also includes a hanging bracket and a safety hook on the rear panel, for extra security.  

Very compact and portable for mobile use, the Hypnotic RGB measures 10.5”L x 9.25”W x 4.75”H/268 x 235 x 121 mm, and weighs only 8 lbs./ 3.4 kg.  The MSRP is $839.95.

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