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American DJ’s Fusion FX Bars

Published Jul 6, 2009
American DJ Fusion Series

American DJ is not only raising the bar on excitement and value in DJ/club effects, it’s extending the bar too. The company has unveiled three new lighting fixtures shaped like elongated bars (21.25" L), each containing at least 3 exciting visual effects. Because these unique DMX-compatible fixtures offer a combination or fusion of different effects, they bear the name ADJ Fusion Series.

Compact and affordable, the three new offerings include the Fusion FX Bar 2, Fusion FX Bar 3, and Fusion FX Bar 4. The Fusion FX Bar 2 features three different effects: a red, green and blue LED color wash; a colored LED moonflower; and a white LED moonflower. There are a total of five effects on the Fusion FX Bar 3: one bright white LED wash/strobe effect; and four hard beam white pinspots. The Fusion FX Bar 4 includes: a white LED wash/strobe effect; a tri-color LED moonflower; and a green laser effect.

The idea behind these innovative bars is to give DJs, bands, mobile entertainers and clubs a convenient, economical way to put together an eye-popping multi-effects light show using only a single fixture! Weighing just 9 lbs. each, the Fusion Bars are extremely lightweight and portable, geared for performers on the go. And with MSRPs of only $349.95, $379.95 and $479.95 respectively (Bar 2, Bar 3 and Bar 4), these elongated bars will stretch your lighting dollars a long way.

American DJ developed the Fusion Bars after experiencing a huge demand for a previous multi-effects unit, the Fusion Scan 250 EX, which paired a DMX scanner with a laser diode effect on a single fixture. "The Fusion Scan proved very popular because, as a 2-in-1 effect, it gave customers a lot of lighting for their dollar," explained Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. "So we decided to carry this concept a step further and come out with a whole Fusion Series that featured a combination of at least three different effects on one bar-shaped fixture.

"The Fusion Series is an example of American DJ’s commitment to continually innovating and staying in tune with lighting users’ needs," added Davies. "These multi-effects units offer an incredible lighting value, which makes them perfect for today’s market, where everyone is so concerned about their budget. And you can’t beat the convenience of having an entire ‘light show’ on one compact, lightweight bar."

Users will find the Fusion Bars easy to operate and maintain, too. Although they’re fully DMX compatible, the units can also be run as simple plug-and-play sound-active effects without a controller. All of the bars come with an easy-to-navigate, onboard menu system with a bright display. Multiple units can be linked together Master-Slave to cover larger areas. Another easy control option is to use ADJ’s universal UC3 remote controller (sold separately), which gives users command over basic functions like Blackout, Strobe and Sound-Active Mode.

The Fusion Bars’ long-life LEDs will run for 50,000 hours, minimizing the hassle and expense of lamp replacement. And because LEDs consume such low amounts of electricity compared to halogen effects, entertainers won’t have to worry about overloading an electrical circuit or not having enough juice left for their audio gear.

Here’s a closer look at the three new members of the ADJ Fusion Series:

Fusion FX Bar 2 Includes three effects: red, green and blue LED color wash; colored LED moonflower; and white LED moonflower. The LED wash is powered by 144 LEDs (48 each red, green and blue). Each moonflower effect includes one 3W LED (color moonflower has dichroic color mirror, white moonflower has white mirror). MSRP: $349.95.

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Fusion FX Bar 3 Includes one bright white LED wash/strobe effect and four hard beam white pinspots. The LED wash/strobe contains 135 white LEDs. Each pinspot includes one bright white 3W LED. MSRP: $379.95.

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Fusion FX Bar 4 Includes three effects: one bright white LED wash/strobe effect with 90 white LEDs; one Tri Color LED moonflower; and one green laser effect powered by a 4.9mW laser. MSRP: $479.95.

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All of the Fusion Bars come with a convenient mounting bracket. Each bar measures just 21.25"L x 5.75"W x 10.5"H, and weighs only 9 lbs

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